Useful Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for Creating and Editing PDF

PDF files have become one of the most used elements when working on our computer since they have advantages over other formats since their editing is not easy. When thinking about a program with which to create and edit PDF, surely the first option that comes to mind is Adobe Acrobat , although it is not the only option, since there are different alternatives that can be equally valid for a large number of users.

That Adobe Acrobat is the most popular PDF editor on the market , since it was the forerunner when it comes to PDF files. A format that appeared back in 1993 and has been an open standard since 2008. These files are characterized by incorporating graphics, texts, forms, multimedia elements, bookmarks, etc., with the peculiarity that they never lose their shape. With the Adobe application we can read, create and edit these files by changing text and images in a simple way.

Useful Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat allows us to make all kinds of variations in PDF files, being able to add, replace, move or change the size of the images on the page. We can also adjust the paragraphs automatically every time we add text, lines and bulleted lists. Its main drawback , for those who want to use all the tools it incorporates, is its price . And is that the full version has a cost of 30 euros per month, or if we buy an annual subscription it would be 18 euros per month. Therefore, we are facing quantities that are not available to a good number of users.

That is why today we are going to talk about some alternatives to Acrobat that are usually cheaper or even free and that offer similar functionalities to the Adobe giant.

Alternatives to paid Adobe Acrobat

Foxit PhantomPDF, the most popular alternative

It is possibly the most popular alternative to Acrobat within the payment options. With this program we can organize, edit and export PDF files . It has an interface similar to that found in the Adobe program, although it is much lighter, cheaper and simpler. It has key functions such as the ability to touch up text, add notes, encrypt documents, add multimedia files, forms, etc. In addition, it is capable of analyzing any paper document through character recognition (OCR), to convert the processed image into text.

If we want to test Foxit PhantomPDF we can download a free trial version from its website. In case we want to use it permanently, we can purchase its standard version for 139 euros or the Business version for 179 euros.

Foxit PhantomPDF

Wondershare PDFelement, edit PDF like a pro

It is a complete PDF editor with which we can perform all kinds of tasks. With it it will be possible to create a PDF from scratch or create it from another file. It also allows us to edit, encrypt and combine different files in a single document. The editing tasks are extensive, being able to add and move images, create and modify web links or change the fonts. In addition, it allows you to create and edit forms, sign digital documents and convert PDF documents to Word, Excel, EPUB, HTML, etc. And the ability to protect our PDF files with passwords cannot be overlooked.

Wondershare PDFelement has a free trial version that we can download from the developer’s website . In case we want to acquire its full version, we can obtain it from 79 euros, which makes it a serious alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

Wondershare PDFelement

Nitro Pro, a professional tool aimed mainly at companies

Another great alternative that we can find to Adobe Acrobat is Nitro Pro. It is a professional tool aimed mainly at companies, with which we can create, convert, edit, sign and share PDF files or even create them in batches. And it is that we can create or manage our PDF to our liking, either by inserting, deleting or organizing pages, as well as combining multiple files into one. It also has full integration with both the Microsoft Office 365 suite, as well as a popular cloud storage service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box. Its main drawback with respect to the utility of Adobe is that it has fewer compatible formats and its price is not the cheapest.

We can test Nitro Pro for free by downloading a 14-day trial version from its website . If we want to use it permanently, we must acquire its license, which has a starting price of 159 euros per user of its Basic Plan.

Nitro Pro

Soda PDF, inexpensive option as an alternative to Acrobat

This tool allows us to work with PDF documents, being able to create, edit, convert, share and protect PDF files . The editing functions allow us to modify text, upload images and graphics and cut different parts of it. We can also convert it to another format such as Word, Excel, HTML or create an image. In addition, it offers us the possibility of encrypting documents so that they are safe, it is compatible with OCR technology and allows us to create PDF documents from a scanned image. That is why it has enough options for all types of users, being a clear alternative to the Adobe program.

If we want to test all the features of Soda PDF we can download a free trial version from its website. In case we want to use it permanently, we must pay its monthly license, which starts at 6.75 euros in its Standard version.

Soda PDF Menú principal

Free programs as alternatives to Adobe Acrobat

Ashampoo PDF, fluidity and security to edit PDF

We are now facing a program to create and edit PDF that is characterized by its fluency when opening and creating documents, so we are facing a fast and light tool , which makes it a great alternative to Acrobat that among its virtues does not include fluency. Ashampoo’s application has its own integrated search system for the documents that we upload and allows us to reorganize, delete or insert pages from other PDFs to add additional content. We can also convert documents, it has OCR support, spell checker and allows you to add graphics and drawings. In addition, it has its own 128-bit AES encryption system to protect our documents.

Ashampoo PDF has a free version to edit PDF that we can download from here . In addition, it has a Pro version that includes all its additional functions and that can be purchased for 69.99 euros.

Ashampoo PDF Free interfaz

PDF24 Creator, edit PDF from your web browser

We are facing a free program that allows us to create PDF from other sources such as the Microsoft Office suite or convert images. Among its different editing functions is the possibility of joining, compressing, rotating or adding watermarks, a signature, number of pages, etc. Furthermore, it supports OCR technology. All its functions are performed from a web browser since they are hosted in the cloud. Although its main disadvantage is that the customization options are somewhat scarce, something that we can consider as normal given its free nature.

If we want to use PDF24 Creator to create and edit our PDF files, we can download it for free from this link .

Interfaz PDF24 Creator

PDF BOB, web application to edit PDF for free

We are facing an online application with which we can create, edit, annotate and manage our files in PDF format. With it we can write text, add long annotations, highlight, underline or strike out to mark the text. Of course we can make annotations with rectangles, circles, lines, arrows, as well as make annotations and freehand drawing. We can also add images (JPG, PNG, SVG) and text objects, as well as combine several PDF files into a single document. In addition, it is compatible with cloud storage systems such as Google Drive or Dropbox . Its main disadvantage is that it lacks functions such as signing, adding hyperlinks or converting from PDF to Word, but despite that it can be a great alternative to Acrobat for many users.

To start working with PDF BOB it will only be necessary to access its website , as it does not even require the need to register.

PDF BOB Administrar páginas

Sejda PDF Editor, ideal to edit PDF sporadically

This program stands out for having a basic and free edition and another Pro version, both for editing PDF files . In it we will find functions such as text highlighting and strikethrough, blackening, signatures or text insertion. It also allows us the ability to insert images, create links, hyperlinks and make annotations. In addition, it will be possible to convert PDF files into Word or other formats such as JPG. Although it must be added that, although it has a free version, this has some limitations since at most we can perform 3 tasks a day, so its use is aimed at occasional users who only need to make some modifications in PDF in a way punctual.

We can download the free version of Sejda PDF Editor from this link. In case we need it, it also has different payment options to be able to enjoy all its features from $ 4.

Sejda PDF Editor