All the new Echo you can buy on Amazon

All the new Echo you can buy on Amazon

Alexa is getting older. After a very long stage in which Amazon’s smart speakers have remained unchanged, it was finally time to make the leap to a new generation of brand devices. Amazon has presented a complete renovation of practically all its models in an online event. These are the news:

New Echo Dot 5

echo dot 5.jpg

The Echo Dot 5 has hardly any visual differences from the previous version, but that’s because all the good stuff is on the inside . Amazon has kept the speaker’s spherical design, but has redesigned the device to perform much better than before.

The one that is now the entry model now allows to record audio in a clearer way , so we suppose that it will pick up our commands better even than the Echo Dot 4. The same goes for audio quality, and Amazon says that this model has twice as powerful bass as the previous generation. All this is also possible thanks to a new SoC called Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge.

echo dot 5 reloj.jpg

Aesthetically, the most benefited is the model with a clock, which now has a dot matrix, which even allows us to see some graphics as icons next to the weather forecast. Regarding the colors, white and the anthracite model are maintained. The light blue we had before has now been replaced by navy blue.

Both the Echo Dot 5 and the version with a clock will start selling on October 20 at a price of 59.99 and 69.99 euros, respectively . They can be reserved from today. A new generation of the Echo Dot Kids has also been presented, although, as has happened before, it will not be marketed in Spain.

New EchoStudio

echo studio 2022.jpg

Amazon has also launched a new version of the Echo Studio, the most advanced smart speaker in its family. As in the previous case, its design remains continuous, but now it has been enhanced with the new spatial audio. Thanks to this new technology, we will be able to listen to much more enveloping music, with more differentiated mid tones and much more powerful bass.

This model also arrives next month for 199.99 euros .

Other news

New Echo Car

Echo auto 2022.jpg

The version of Alexa for the car has undergone a major redesign . Now it is a much more compact device, with a new anchoring system and better listening thanks to the fact that it now includes a total of 5 microphones. At the moment, the price it will have in our country has not been confirmed.

Echo Show 15 now with Fire TV

echo show 15 fire tv.jpg

This device has also been updated, but only at the firmware level. All those who own one are in luck, because thanks to an update, you can now enjoy the Fire TV interface within this device. Without a doubt, great news considering that the Show 15 is compatible with various streaming services.

New Fire TV Cube

fire tv cube 2022.jpg

And we say goodbye with this new version of the hybrid between Amazon Echo and Fire TV. The Cube has been updated aesthetically, and is now much more modern and elegant . It releases a new eight-core processor , which performs 20% more than its predecessor.

At the connectivity level, the new Fire TV Cube 2022 has Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 . It also has an HDMI input port , which will help us control an extra input with the smart device itself.