Alarm apps for Mac

Putting an alarm on your computer may seem strange, but they certainly offer a lot of utility and once you start trying them, you won’t stop using them. In this post we bring you a list with some of the best options for this type of application so that you can start using them on your Mac.

Why put alarms on your Mac?

Alarm apps for Mac

It may seem strange to have the need to set an alarm on a computer since they are usually set on other devices such as a mobile phone or a clock. But in case of loss of any of these devices, if you need an alarm to wake up or to set a reminder, these apps can be very useful and effective.

But these apps aren’t just for waking you up, you can also set them as reminders so you don’t forget important meetings or events while working on your Mac. Many of these apps integrate seamlessly into your computer’s desktop so they don’t go unnoticed.

Free alarms

There are a lot of free applications so you can set an alarm from your Mac. Some of them include purchases to access the most complete version, but with the free functions you will have more than enough. We leave you a list with some of them.


Alarm DJ

AlarmDJ is not a downloadable app, rather it is an online alarm app that you can use from the Chrome browser. The app allows you to set a YouTube video as your alarm sound and whenever the alarm sounds, the video will start playing. You’ll even be able to play your existing playlist or create a new one from scratch.

Please note that due to YouTube restrictions, this alarm available for Mac will not go off if the tab is not open. This alarm is a very good option if you need the alarm for specific moments and you don’t want to download any type of third-party app.

Clock Lite

Clock Lite

If what you are looking for is a simple application, both in operation and in interface, Clock Lite is just that. It has an alarm, clock, stopwatch and timer, that is, the basic functions that an application of this type must have. This app does not have any fancy customizations, snooze button or even an option to change the alarm tone. It only has a small box to set the alarm time and an alarm button to configure. It is a very simple interface so it is ideal if you do not need much to configure the alarm.

It’s great for quickly setting your alarm, but note that there’s no snooze button of any kind and no ability to change the alarm tone. It does have options to quickly set an alarm and to cancel it in a few steps.

MD Clock

MD Alarm

Timeless is another carefully designed alarm app that offers a lot of intuitive features. For starters, you count all the standard options like unlimited timers, custom titles, custom alarm sounds, adjustable repeat and volume, and of course, fading.

However, this app stands out for the use of different colors. The interface changes color depending on the time of day. You’ll also be able to set the app to nightstand mode, which will display a small clock on your Mac’s screen. It has several customization options so you can put it however you like.

Sleep Alarm Clock

Sleep Alarm

Sleep Alarm Clock turns your Mac into a premium alarm clock and sleep timer. This app takes care of the entire sleep process. It has relaxing live backgrounds that are proven to help you fall asleep combined with a soothing ambient soundtrack in this sleep timer.

Thanks to this app you can say goodbye to the typical abrupt alarm sounds that wake you up suddenly. Relaxing sounds make your wake up much more relaxing and comfortable. Its simple interface allows you to put it in night mode so that the light does not disturb you while you sleep.

Wake Up Time

Wake up Time

This alarm app is one of the simplest available on the App Store. Its interface is as if it were a regular alarm clock. It is very simple to use and has all the necessary facilities and tools. You will be able to configure the alarm, but not the sound or the interface.

This is one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store and it is very easy and comfortable to use. It has 24-hour and 12-hour sleep so that you can adjust it according to what you need. Turning off this alarm is very simple and you will only have to do it with a button and without many complications.

payment alarms

In this list we bring you some very complete payment apps with many customization options. There is a wide variety of apps in the App Store of this type, but there are some that stand out above the rest, and we leave them in this list so you can choose.

Timeless: Alarm Clock


Timeless has an alarm clock and sleep timer in one package. The alarm clock interface is minimal. You can even use the app as a screen saver. Among all the functions that it hides within itself, we can highlight the one to create an alarm and that it is repeated during the time that we configure, adjust the volume, and even modify the type of sound that is played when it is activated.

You can also choose between displaying the time in the 12-hour format, or on the contrary if you prefer, the traditional 24-hour clock. Also, you have to know that it has a payment option, obviously with more exclusive functions and that add up when choosing this app.


tiny alarm

The developers of this app focused on its functionality rather than on the aesthetics of its interface, and this is something that can be seen with the naked eye, since visually it is not at all attractive. Of course, it has a wide variety of functions that will be available in the menu bar. There are four different styles of alarm sounds, including macOS system sounds, user recordings, and local music files.

The app also uses notifications to notify when the alarm has sounded on Mac. One of the downsides of this app is the settings window. It’s complicated and you have to check the boxes to enable alarm sounds every time you set an alarm or it won’t make any sound. It has a free 30-day trial with which you can test if this app is the right one for you.

wake up


Awaken is a complete alarm app for mac with all the features we have seen above. Among the most outstanding functions of this app, we can highlight the possibility of configuring recurring alarms, modifying the alert sound or modifying the repetition time. However, Awaken’s selling point is that you can open any productivity app of your choice when the alarm goes off. off. It doesn’t even have to be an app, it can also open a file. Useful when you have work to do on Mac.

Something that we have to highlight, since it is a really curious function, is the possibility of configuring it in such a way that if you do not interact with it once the alarm starts to sound, it stops automatically, although perhaps, if you The objective is to get up from a nap, for example, it is not something that will help you a lot. The application is paid and can be found in the Apple application store.

flip clock


Are you looking for a minimalist option? In this case, you will surely love what this application can offer. It has a really attractive widget, ideal for seeing the time as clearly as possible. In it you can have the display of the time and display of the date. It has 12 and 24 hour modes. It also has smart alarm clock, which can automatically adjust the volume.

Something that you also have to take into account is the opportunity that this app gives you to be able to customize its interface, admitting different themes that will give it a touch of color, although you also have to keep in mind that functions such as the timer or stopwatch are available so you can use them whenever you need. Also, it provides calendar and clock widget display. Has hourly chime, voice time indication.

Gadget Alarm Clock plus

Gadget reloj

Alarm Clock Gadget+ is a great customizable clock widget with many features. Account alarm clock, organizer and calendar. You will be able to configure work schedules and breaks, as well as sunrise and sunset times so that you can organize yourself.

You can customize the modes for day and night, so you can adjust it to what suits you best. You can place it anywhere on the desktop. It is a very good option if you need an alarm that does not disturb your desk and that is comfortable and easy to use.

these are the best

If we talk about free applications, the best one is Wake Up Time. It is a functional and simple app that has everything you need and is very easy to configure and manage. The interface is reminiscent of a normal watch and you will be able to manage it in a simple way.

Of the paid apps, the one that attracts the most attention is Timeless. It has a very complete interface and many customization and adaptation options. Its various clock modes will allow you to set it as you like and you can also customize the music that plays to wake you up.