The Advantages of Playing Warzone on PC Compared to Consoles

In competitive online gaming, not even the smallest detail can be missed. Any advantage is little to achieve victory, and as far as battle royale is concerned, any type of advantage is welcome in order to gain time over the enemy. What if at the time of playing we had more advantage doing it from the PC than from the console? Well that’s what streamer JackFrags assures with his latest video.

The advantages of playing Warzone on PC

Playing Warzone on PC

The advent of crossplay has allowed millions of players to enjoy their favorite games with their friends regardless of the platform from which it is played. The advantages are incredible, however, in the case of Warzone, it seems that it has a number of disadvantages that you should be aware of.

In his latest video, streamer JackFrags has listed a number of details that translate into advantages when playing on PC, as players can enjoy a number of settings and features that do not behave in the same way on consoles.

Adjusting the graphic filters

Warzone Temporada 2

One of the first benefits discussed in the video is the ability to apply custom settings to PC graphics. This is something that is done using the NVIDIA graphics drivers, since we will be able to disable functions such as DirectX raytracing, ambient occlusion, particle light and many other aspects using the so-called NVIDIA Filters .

With these settings, players can control the effects of shadows and darker places, thus being able to see more clearly in situations where the enemy is obscured by backlighting or dark rooms. In the video you can perfectly see the great difference between having these settings activated (PC) and without them (console).