Adobe vs. Canva: Which AI-Driven Image Enhancement Tool Is Right for You?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not only revolutionized text generation and question-answering but has also empowered us to generate and enhance images, filling in areas that didn’t exist before. Two notable platforms, Adobe with Photoshop and Canva, offer top-notch AI-driven image enhancement capabilities, but which one is the superior choice? Let’s compare them based on various criteria.

canva photoshop AI

1. Accuracy of Results:

  • Adobe (Firefly AI): Adobe’s generative image AI, Firefly, delivers spectacular results with remarkable simplicity. Users can generate images by providing a brief description of what they want to incorporate into the image or use the AI to automatically create content in a selected area without entering descriptive text.
  • Canva: Canva’s AI function for image enlargement is a recent addition, offering guided steps to assist users. However, it is more limited compared to Adobe’s solution, primarily designed for enlarging image backgrounds that are smooth or lack intricate details.

2. Use Cases:

  • Adobe (Photoshop AI): Ideal for situations where you need to significantly enlarge the main image to add more context or make creative enhancements. It’s a versatile tool for various image manipulation tasks.
  • Canva: Suited for slightly enlarging images within documents without affecting their overall dimensions. Great for ensuring images fit perfectly into your designs, especially when the original image may be too small.

3. Price:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: To access Photoshop’s generative AI, a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud is required, priced at €26.43 per month. This subscription provides access to various Adobe tools, including Adobe Firefly AI.
  • Canva Pro: Canva’s AI functionality is available through a Canva Pro subscription, costing €11.99 per month. This subscription grants unlimited access to Canva’s vast library of templates, videos, images, and objects.

Which One Is Best for You?

  • Adobe Photoshop AI: If you work primarily with photographs and require versatile image enlargement capabilities without limitations, Adobe’s solution is the way to go. It’s perfect for various image manipulation tasks and creative enhancements.
  • Canva AI: If your focus is on creating documents with images that seamlessly integrate with your designs and you don’t require extensive image enlargement, Canva’s AI is more than sufficient. It’s excellent for ensuring images fit perfectly into your designs, especially when dealing with documents.

In conclusion, the choice between Adobe and Canva’s AI-driven image enhancement tools isn’t about one being better than the other but rather about selecting the tool that aligns with your specific needs. Both platforms cater to different use cases, offering valuable AI capabilities.