How to activate the floating button on Realme mobiles

There is no doubt that having a top-of-the-range smartphone will always be one of the best decisions we can make. However, there is a more important one, choose which operating system we want our next mobile to have. In today’s market we find several layers of customization that add all kinds of extra functions to your smartphones. For example, the Realme layer is one of those that has practically all kinds of functions, within all its possibilities of course.

Among those tools for which it stands out compared to other smartphones we find the ‘ help ball ‘ or ‘ floating button ‘. As we will see later, this function is designed to give us access in a faster way to different practical tools of our phone with Realme UI . Therefore, we are going to explain what it consists of and how you can configure it on your mobile device. And the best of all is that it will hardly take us a couple of minutes to adjust it to our tastes.

activate the floating button on Realme mobiles

What is the floating ball

Within the Anglo-Saxon panorama we find that this functionality within the terminals of the Chinese firm is called ‘Assistive Ball’, while here we can find it as a help ball or floating button. This feature allows us to add an assistant in the panel of the mobile device in the shape of a circle with which we can combine up to five shortcuts with which to perform different actions. And all this with a small ball.

Therefore, when activating it, we will see in the panel this circle in which we will find different functionalities such as taking screenshots, blocking the terminal panel, showing the multitasking of the device or going to the desktop of our Realme smartphone.

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And, how could it be otherwise, this layer of customization will allow us to edit both these shortcuts of the functionalities and the help ball itself that are included in the smartphones of this Asian brand. Although, one of the most advantageous aspects that we find in this tool is that it will hardly take up space on the panel, so it will not be a nuisance. In addition, we must add another advantage, and that is that we can place it anywhere with complete freedom.

Every moment will be good to use this simple tool so practical that it puts at our disposal the operating system of the Chinese manufacturer. Even if a button on your smartphone breaks, such as the one to lock the phone, you can always opt for this help ball. Replacing the physical button for this touch assist ball.

If you want to test it on your own, here we will leave you how you will have to configure it and thus draw your own conclusions.

How to set it up

As we said, getting to activate this function known as the help ball is really easy. However, it usually goes unnoticed between the different settings found in the Realme mobile layer . So you must follow each of the steps that we will give you below.


It is time to move on to enable it. To do this, you must go to the Settings application on your phone and click on the Practical tools section. Then, you will have to enter the Help Ball section. The last step will be to activate the switch that appears next to Floating Button. From that moment on, you will see a small semi-transparent circle that will appear at all times on the screen of your mobile device.

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Once it is activated, what we will have to do first of all is to place it where it can least disturb us. To do so, you simply have to keep your finger pressed on it and drag it to any region of the touch panel of your Realme phone where it is more comfortable to use it. Therefore, the most logical thing will be to put it at one of the ends of the screen, although it is clear that you decide.

Operation mode

One of the first settings that we will have to choose will be the mode with which we will want to carry out the different actions with this help ball. Among the possibilities that Realme UI offers us, we find the following:

  • Gesture operations: we will perform gestures with the floating button to execute different actions.
  • Floating buttons menu: a menu with different shortcuts will be displayed so that we can click on each of them and execute it quickly.

Choose the gestures

You can choose the gesture to interact with this ‘ Assistive ball ‘ either by giving a simple touch, a double touch or by holding down. These actions will serve in the event that we have Gesture Operations enabled. By default, the default setting is ‘Touch’, through which we must touch the round point for it to be executed.

However, if we have enabled the floating button menu option, we will have to select the different shortcuts that we want to be shown in this practical tool.

Change the shortcuts

This will be one of the most important settings for this smartphone tool with the Realme UI layer, as it gives immediate access to whatever we want. Of course, we can only customize the 5 shortcuts , that is, we can not remove or add more to the possibilities. To edit any of them, all you have to do is click on it. Then, the possibilities that this functionality of these Chinese terminals will offer us will be displayed. And they are the following:

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  • Go back.
  • Home panel.
  • Multitask.
  • Notification center.
  • Lock screen.
  • One hand mode.
  • Screenshot.
  • None.

Adjust its transparency

One of the last possibilities that will allow us to adjust this practical tool of the Asian brand’s phones will be its transparency , that is, if it will be totally semi transparent or will it directly block everything where the ball is located. To do this, we must slide to the bottom within the Floating Button menu and configure the Transparency section of the floating buttons when it is inactive to our needs.

Hide it on screen

The last adjustment that we bring you is the possibility that this help ball is hidden by itself. To do this, we must enter the floating button menu again and slide all the way to the bottom. There, we must enable the option of Automatic hiding in full screen. When it disappears, we just have to slide our finger down from the top of the screen to make it appear again.