Activate Photoshop: Get Adobe Activation Key

Photoshop is the best program we can find to edit images from Windows and macOS. This is the editing software par excellence, the most powerful and the one that makes the most difference when choosing between one editor or another. However, in addition to being the most powerful, this Adobe software is also the most expensive on the market. In order to use it, we have to buy a license from the company that allows us to run the software legally and have access to all the features that the professional image editor offers us.

Buy Photoshop

A few years ago, Adobe abandoned the one-time payment business model (we paid once and could use that version of the software indefinitely) to adopt a different business model: subscription payment. Today it is not possible to pay for Photoshop at once and use it, but we have to pay every month to be able to use this program.

Activate Photoshop: Get Adobe Activation Key

Photoshop is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud programs, so if we are interested in using this program, we can obtain more information, and buy it, from the following link . Adobe offers us two different ways to pay for this program:

  • Photoshop single subscription . A price of 24.19 euros per month to be able to use this program without any restrictions.
  • Photography plan. In addition to Photoshop, this plan includes unlimited access to Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and 20GB of Adobe cloud storage. Its price is 12.09 euros per month, which makes it, without a doubt, the best option.

Plan fotografía Adobe CC

Download and activate Photoshop

Adobe does not provide us with an executable to download and install this program. The fastest and safest way to download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop is to do so through the following link to Creative Cloud . This program allows us to download the latest version of Adobe programs, so, in addition to allowing us to easily download Photoshop, it will also allow us to have the program always updated.

If we have not yet purchased the program, from Creative Cloud we will be able to download a free 30-day trial version of Photoshop using the “Try” button that appears next to each program. If we already have the program purchased, instead of appearing as “Test” it will appear as “Download” directly.

Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop

The download and installation from this program is automatic. That is, we will not see warnings or have to follow any wizard to install this program. It will also not install other unwanted software without our permission.

Activate the latest version of Photoshop CC

Photoshop does not come with a license key like other programs, but to use it, we must log in to Creative Cloud with our Adobe account and we will not have to do anything else. The license, or rather, the Adobe subscription is controlled by the Creative Cloud program from which we have downloaded this photo editing software. Therefore, we will not have to do anything else.

Once Photoshop is installed, we can open it and it will be activated automatically. The only thing that can happen, if the Creative Cloud session expires, is that it asks us to log in again. By entering our email and password when you request it, the program will automatically be activated and fully functional again.

Acerca de Photoshop CC

Check the status of your Adobe subscription

The only drawback that the subscription has is that we have to be aware of when it expires, since, when its validity expires, we will no longer be able to continue using the products until we renew. The subscription can be valid for a month, or for a year, depending on how we want to pay for it.

We can check the validity status of our Adobe Creative Cloud subscription from our Adobe page. We can access it from the following link . After logging in with our account we will be able to see the plans that we have contracted, as well as the expiration date of each one of them.

Suscripción Adobe CC

In case the subscription runs out, what we will have to do is renew it. If we do not want to be aware of the subscription, we can enter the payment information so that, when it is about to expire, it is automatically renewed and we can continue to use Adobe products without interruption.