How to activate the multiplayer mode of Mario Kart Tour

mario-cart-tourMario Kart is one of the most iconic and fun games of Nintendo. Therefore, when it was announced that it would reach iOS and Android mobile devices, we are all happy. Especially those who at some time had or continue to play one of their many deliveries. Well, now comes another of the big requests: multiplayer mode .

How to activate the multiplayer mode of Mario Kart Tour

If you have played a Mario Kart we do not need to tell you how much fun it is, especially when we do it against other players like us. Because the machine drives well, but it becomes predictable. Therefore, it was logical that one of the great criticisms and requests of Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android was the multiplayer mode .

Since it was launched in September, many have demanded that way that now finally arrives, although it does so by way of evidence. The next day, December 26, the tests will begin to see if everything works correctly and whether or not changes have to be made. Being in beta has the problem that not everyone can access it. The positive part is that doing so is not impossible if you have the golden step.

Exactly, as Nintendo has commented through its website. On December 26 at 6:59 Spanish time the multiplayer mode of Mario Kart Tour will be activated for all those users with the Gold Pass. This pass is nothing other than the monthly subscription of 5.49 euros that Nintendo offers and with which it allows to run in the 200 ccc mode and also get some improvements and extras.

Well, if you have said pass, you will be able to access the tests. You should know, because it is important, that being a beta is likely to have unexpected failures and errors. In addition, some features you see could change with respect to the final and global version that would be launched at the end of that phase.

In summary, if you want to play the multiplayer Mario Kart Tour:

  • Download Mario Kart Tour for iOS or Android
  • If you don’t have a Nintendo account, create one here
  • Buy the Gold Pass from the application itself
  • Write the date on the calendar, December 26
  • Enjoy.

Finally, having an internet connection continuously will be essential to play. And any data that can be generated during the testing phase will be eliminated at the end of these. Thus, any advantage or extra that can be achieved will be eliminated to offer equality with the rest of the players that will be added later, with the final version.