How to Activate Mother Mode on Echos with Amazon Alexa

Mother’s Day is approaching and Amazon does not want to miss the opportunity for even these types of festivities to celebrate them with their Echos. How? Well, with the activation of the so-called ” Mother mode “, a function available in the firm’s smart speakers that will allow you to interact with your Echo in an interactive game mode. We explain how it is activated and what exactly it consists of.

Activate Mother Mode on Echos with Amazon Alexa

Varied features on Amazon Echos

When we talk about Amazon smart speakers, we always think of the “three” basic functions we all know about these devices: ask them for information about something specific, set alarms and reminders, and use it to control the smart bulb or socket on duty.

However, these company computers have many more features than you could imagine, many of them sometimes unknown by many users and that in the end help to get much more out of it. We have already told you here, for example, about all the questions that can be asked to Alexa or about the many Echo games that can be accessed.

Today we are going to explain precisely a way that you probably did not know existed either: the so-called “Mother mode”, which is not even painted for this coming Sunday, May 2, Mother’s Day.

How to activate Mother mode on the Echos

It turns out that Amazon has a Mother mode that you can activate to have a good time. Make no mistake: that won’t make Alexa remind you to make your bed or scold you for not clearing the table – although it might as well. Instead, with this mode you will access a game about mothers in history, with which you will learn and entertain yourself in equal parts. The award? Listen to a good string of typical mother phrases if you can solve several of the questions.

To activate it, the steps to follow are extremely simple:

  1. Make sure your Echo is powered on and operational before attempting to execute the command.
  2. Say “Alexa, turn on Mother Mode.”
  3. Your Echo will respond to you, commenting that it sees that you want to play and will start the game.
  4. You will have to answer at least two questions well about popular mothers from history, literature and fiction to unlock Mother Mode.
  5. Once successful, the Mother Mode is activated and you will hear a good number of typical phrases (which surely sound familiar to you) of mothers.
  6. You can stop playing by just saying “Alexa, stop” or “Alexa, cancel” or go back to playing and answer new questions by executing the command from step 2 again.

As you can see, it is a very simple game (be careful, some questions are not as easy as you imagine, get ready) that in the end do nothing more than unlock a nice audio, and image if you have an Echo with a screen, to pay tribute in a humorous way nice on mother’s day. If you want to try it, it’s already taking time to speak to your speaker and put yourself to the test.