How to Activate Epic Games Two-step Authentication

When we have to acquire and play with new games on the PC platform, there are several alternatives that we can get hold of at the moment. We have been using Valve’s popular Steam store for many years, but that is not the only proposal of this type. There are others that are growing a lot, as is the case with the Epic Games store, which we will talk about below.

How could it be otherwise, especially if we do not refer to the most modern game stores , they do whatever it takes to attract the attention of new users. In this way, one of the strategies of the aforementioned Epic store is to give titles to registered users on a regular basis. This is more than anything a claim, which does not seem to be working badly, to attract new customers to the platform.

Activate Epic Games Two-step Authentication

Epic Games guarantees free legal game downloads

In this way, as usual, what is intended is to be able to compete with Steam , the giant of the sector at the moment. However, after the gradual growth of the Epic store and free downloads, its managers are introducing some changes. Keep in mind that security and privacy are two sections that both users and companies are taking more and more seriously.

Thus, from now on, the download of the free games from the Epic store will require two-step authentication to be carried out. This is a move that the platform has recently announced. Specifically, we mean that the free games in the store will require a two-step verification on the account before they can be redeemed. Keep in mind that this security method will not always be a mandatory practice for all free titles , but it will be something periodic to increase security in general.

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And is that the latest update of the game store was released to help and encourage customers to increase the security of their accounts . This is something that will even be made extensible for those who only use the store to get free games. As we are informed, the responsible company understands that this is an inconvenience for some. With everything and with this we want to offer the best possible solutions to protect the Epic account, so we show you how to activate it.

How to activate Epic Games two-factor authentication

Thus, in the event that we do not have two-factor authentication enabled in the account, we will find a message when claiming a free game. Specifically, it will inform us that this action requires this two-factor authentication.

Therefore, in order to continue enjoying all this, we are going to see ourselves in the obligation to activate this security system , two-factor authentication. This is something that we can carry out from the official website of Epic Games . Therefore, the first thing will be to access it from our favorite Internet browser to enter the corresponding credentials to access the store.

Then we place the mouse on the icon of our personal account , and click on the Account option. In the left part of the window that will appear, we click on Password and security, where we already find the two-step Authentication section. This security system can be used in various ways, as we will see on the Epic website. Thus, we can make use of a specific application for this, via SMS that reaches our mobile phones, or via email .

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Once we have activated this two-step authentication, we can continue downloading and enjoying free games here.