Accessories for Oculus that will help you enjoy virtual reality better

The Oculus Quest 2 (now Meta Quest 2) has already proven to be the best team to debut in the world of virtual reality. They have a great ecosystem, work very well, and are also quite affordable when compared to other competing options. But can we improve the experience with Meta Quest 2? Well, let’s talk about some of the most interesting accessories that you can buy for these virtual reality glasses.

Best Accessories for Oculus/Meta Quest 2

Accessories for Oculus that will help you enjoy virtual reality better

Whether you want to play in a more comfortable way or if you are interested in keeping your virtual reality set in perfect condition, here are a few ideal accessories for your VR equipment:

KIWI design Elite Strap

soporte kiwi design

If the original strap of your Oculus Quest 2 seems uncomfortable to you, replacing it with this one from KIWI Design is the best thing you can do. It is a product of much higher quality, with better support and that ultimately will allow you to enjoy more hours of virtual reality without suffering discomfort.

This band allows you to adjust the helmet to the appropriate pressure and even allows you to place the Quest 2 battery pack in such a way that it does not bother us. According to some users, this product is a must buy.

KKCOBVR K2 Face Cover with Fan


Summer is coming and playing with the Oculus can become an ordeal. The equipment heats up and you start to sweat. The lenses end up fogging up and completely spoil the experience.

You hear right, this KKCOBVR accessory facilitates perspiration inside the helmet , thus preventing moisture from ruining your games. And not only that, because the design of this KKCOBVR K2 is made to be even more comfortable than the original cover. Its price is not excessively cheap, but it can be a great investment if you have to constantly stop your games because the lenses of your Oculus Quest 2 are fogging up.

HIJIAO Travel Case

HIJIAO Estuche

If you move from one place to another with your virtual reality glasses, it is best to get a bag or case in which the equipment is safe and cannot be damaged. In this case, HIJIAO’s hard case is designed so that every part of the Quest 2 fits properly and you can take your VR headset anywhere.

KAMUI VR Shell Protective Case


If you want to protect your Oculus Quest 2 from bumps and scratches , these silicone covers are of very good quality and are designed in several parts to facilitate heat dissipation . It’s available in three colors, and it’s one of the cheapest accessories you can buy for your Meta VR headset.