A New System That Will Use AI and Satellites Will Detect Fires in the US

A New System That Will Use AI and Satellites Will Detect Fires

Fires are a problem that, especially in summer, are a headache for many cities, since the heat helps them spread and causes the destruction of hundreds of hectares of natural land. However, a new tool that uses satellites and Artificial Intelligence could help both firefighters and people to detect these fires earlier and put them out as soon as possible.

Not only do fires destroy fauna and plants, but they can also burn down homes and destroy the lives of many people. There have even been fires in the United States that have endangered electrical installations that, if damaged, could cut off the electricity supply in many cities.

New fire detection system

However, this new tool called RADRFIRE uses snapshots obtained via satellite and Artificial Intelligence systems to search for possible fires. This has been created by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington.

The satellites are from different national and international organizations that will be constantly providing information about possible fires. The satellites of private companies such as SpaceX or Starlink have not been taken into account.

It was necessary to create a system that would detect these fires as soon as possible to pay for them since they move very fast and are very large. Elements with the wind or the heat itself also enliven them.

Previously , similar fire detection systems had been worked on a year ago, but a radar as effective as RADRFIRE has never been created.

This system has the ability to find small fires generally caused by the sun’s rays and thus put them out before they spread and destroy as much ground as possible.

Lets you anticipate the firefighters

In addition, being able to obtain real-time images of fires allows all the services in charge of extinguishing fires to better organize themselves , thus knowing which is the best way to act.

Before, the ways that firefighters found small fires were by taking planes and flying over areas , observing if any fires were seen. This was an effective way, but much slower than this new technique.

It is also expected that these satellites take daily snapshots of different areas to check if something is changed in the environment, which would indicate that a small fire could be being born.

The United States hopes that this system will continue to be controlled by an agency of the country. This technology could serve as an example for many other countries that see how every summer hundreds of hectares of natural land are reduced to ashes due to fires, as is the case in Spain.