A Guide to Deactivate Unnecessary Movistar Services

Navigating through your phone bill can sometimes feel like deciphering an ancient script. Hidden among the lines are charges for services you might not even recall subscribing to or need. If you’re a Movistar customer looking to streamline your expenses, here’s a primer on identifying and deactivating services that might be quietly inflating your bill.

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Scrutinize Your Caller ID Charges

Gone are the days when caller ID was a complimentary feature on landlines. If you’re paying for a landline you barely use, especially for the caller ID service at an extra two euros a month, it’s an expense you can easily trim. Deactivate it via Movistar’s customer portal or by contacting customer service.

Dictated Messages: The Hidden Cost

A seemingly helpful service that converts voicemail into text messages, ‘dictated messages’, can surprise you—and not in a good way. The catch? The person who leaves the voicemail gets charged 50 cents per message, unbeknownst to them. Disable this to prevent inadvertent charges to your friends or family.

Roaming: The Travel Trap

While EU roaming charges are a thing of the past, stepping outside the EU without tweaking your roaming settings can lead to bill shock. If you’re traveling to countries like the USA, Japan, or China, make sure to turn off roaming. Better safe than sorry with a hefty bill upon return.

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Assess Additional Services

Movistar, like many operators, offers a suite of services that may add more to your bill than value to your life. From call forwarding, which incurs additional charges, to specific coverage services like “my mobile coverage”, it’s worth diving into the ‘MiMovistar’ section to scrutinize what you’re actually paying for.

Steps to Deactivate Services:

  1. Log in to MiMovistar: Access your account details on Movistar’s online portal or app.
  2. Review Active Services: Check for any services you don’t use or need, such as caller ID, dictated messages, call forwarding, etc.
  3. Deactivate Unwanted Services: Follow the prompts to deactivate each service. If in doubt, customer support can guide you through the process.
  4. Confirm Changes: Ensure that these changes are reflected in your next bill to confirm the deactivation.

By taking control of the services you subscribe to with Movistar, you can pare down your bill to the essentials. Remember, a few euros saved on services you don’t utilize can accumulate to a substantial amount over time.