9 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

In recent years, digital marketing has become increasingly popular. The world has shifted to social media and digitalization, making these marketing trends even more impactful for businesses. Unfortunately, the competitive environment doesn’t allow marketers to make educated guesses anymore. Here are nine digital marketing trends to make life easier for them!

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Influencer Marketing

Digital marketing trends are incomplete without discussing influencer marketing. It is all about word of mouth here. Many firms consider seeking the help of well-known influencers to put across their brand message to the right target audience. These influencers use their social channels on Instagram or YouTube to increase the reach of your product or brand name.

It is one of the best online marketing trends because around 63% of consumers greatly trust an influencer’s opinion on products. And let’s not forget about sales; approximately 58% went ahead to purchase these items. If that isn’t effective, then we don’t know what is!

Artificial intelligence is a crucial factor when businesses opt for influencers to promote their product. AI is increasingly stepping in the field to identify influencers who have real followers, have more outreach, engage better with their followers, and improve a product’s return on investment.

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Social Messaging Apps

Another milestone for marketing trends 2021 is social messaging apps. Yes, they aren’t merely for sharing memes and emojis or carrying out gossips now and then. These apps are great for connecting businesses and people to increase sales. Around 10 billion messages take place between people and companies in a month on Facebook. How can we not talk about WhatsApp? It goes to a whopping 55 billion!

Businesses are clever with trends in marketing. They prefer being where their audience is, that is, social messaging apps! Sending direct messages helps firms add value and personalization, which improves customer experience with the firm.

Here are some reasons why firms prefer this trend.”

  • It boosts sales;
  • Helps provide support;
  • Invites people to the brand;
  • Helps invite people to events;
  • Can help deliver correct information;
  • Helps promote different products;
  • Helps with forming a solid customer base.

Social Commerce & Shoppable Posts

Ecommerce and social media are both a part of the digital world. So it is no surprise that both are overgrowing, more likely at the same rate as parallels. Firms prefer mixing the two to increase sales and invite potential customers. Ninety percent of the total Instagram users follow brands and shop online through these brands.

Brands never shy away from availing this opportunity. They create attractive ads and posts to appeal to the customers. Users can click on these ads and posts and reach the shop’s profile to buy products. It’s a great idea because it will shorten the sales funnel, and customers can make purchases from the comfort of their homes while viewing a product they like. The digital marketing trends 2021 are incomplete without this one. Who knew ads on the feed could do so much!


If you think about what’s new in digital marketing, well, this will blow your mind. Imagine if you liked a product and were able to get it instantly. How amazing would that be for you! It is now possible thanks to CamFind. All you have to do is install the app, open it and take a snap of the product you like. Now you can use this image on a search engine to find similar products. Not only that, it comes with price comparisons and options for different shops where you can find it. Even if you go for a movie poster, the app shows you trailers and showtimes!

The best bit is that you don’t have to waste your time typing or to wonder what exactly to type to find the product in front of you. A snap does the trick within seconds. So much for digital growth; It leaves us speechless.

Voice Search & Smart Speakers

It is no surprise that people hate typing to find the right brand and product. They look for quality in everything. Voice searches are far more convenient, and 50 percent of searches shifted towards voice ones instead of typed-in searches. Providing information in voice searches is more accessible for customers, and search engines and AI are also developing at a much faster rate.

Voice errors in these searches have reduced, so smart speakers are something that you need to keep up with these new trends. Seventy-two percent of people consider their speakers for searching products a regular part of their routine. More than that, businesses selling intelligent speakers have seen sales skyrocketing from 2018 onwards and sold up to 26.1 million units! Voice search has become the latest marketing trend!

Social Media Stories

Social media stories are trending amongst teenagers and have also become one of the best trends in digital marketing. Ever since Snapchat stories and Instagram stories have come into being, businesses love the chance of missing out on a good product or features because stories disappear within 24 hours.

social media marketing

These stories are great for many reasons:

  • Allows engagement with the audience;
  • More brand awareness;
  • You can easily add links to different pages;
  • Location tags to your business become more accessible than before;
  • Companies can go-live;
  • It becomes easier to reach out to the younger audience;
  • It is a cost-effective method to market a product;
  • Can quickly inform the audience about discounts and promotions;
  • With the help of poles, businesses identify which products are doing well.

AI-Powered Optimization

Consumer behavior is the most significant contributor to current marketing trends. It is a persuasive method to understand consumer trends and use them to one’s benefit. Many organizations rely on these AI techniques to do the best market, and others adopt them rapidly.

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AI is efficient enough to use data from blog posts and platforms. Such data is excellent for determining consumer behavior, and the software can easily decipher how an actual consumer might behave in such situations and with similar products around. AI is also helping firms cut down on staff costs and encourage growth to a great degree. So AI is good to beat the competition through technology!

Ad-blocker blockers

Companies understand that too many ads can become annoying for consumers, so they move towards ad-blocker apps. Well, that isn’t good for authentic brands. So, many firms rely on ad-blocker blockers to prevent consumers from achieving the goal of neglecting many digital ads.

That way, the ad will cross the line of sight of the potential buyer, and they have no control over it either. So the firm wins, and there is a high chance the consumer might find value in that authentic ad directly coming from the firm itself.

Interactive Content

Consumers despise basic content now. They do not appreciate the typed-in version of marketing too much. Therefore, firms are more suitable to move towards interactive and engaging content techniques to sell more products and market them better. Interactive content is one such technique and can do wonders for a business.

Many businesses have seen a change in sales and customer interest in their products thanks to the use of 360-degree videos, Quizzes, polls, stories with options to choose the best answer, augmented reality advertisements, and much more.

Furthermore, it is a great way to help consumers feel connected to their favorite brands while keeping the technique fresh and authentic. It is also notable that interactive content stays in the memory for much longer than the same written, tedious content that users tend to skip nowadays.


Now that you know how different digital marketing trends function, calling out to your target audience will be easy for you and will become one of the greatest joys of your life! See your customers fall in love with your products and stay in touch with the changing market trends without guesses.