8 things Lowi is missing

Virtual mobile operators, also known as MVNOs, are characterized by offering cheaper mobile or fiber and mobile rates than some large operators, but they also lack some services that some users miss.

Within the market of low cost operators, Lowi has stood out for being the first to offer the possibility of accumulating the unconsumed megabytes of a rate and launching promotions as attractive as Lowi’s 60 gigazos in which the operator gives away to all its customers 60 GB so they can browse all summer long. Even so, being a low cost operator there are certain services that do not include their rates, an aspect that is normal on the other hand because it is precisely a low cost option under Vodafone coverage.

8 things Lowi is missing


Lowi’s fiber and mobile rates ranging from 100 Mb to 600 Mb allow mobile lines with unlimited calls and 10 GB, 25 GB or 30 GB to navigate, being able to add additional lines from 2.95 euros per month. Changing rates in Lowi is very simple, but none of them have landline service.

For many users the landline was no longer necessary a few years ago. Nowadays, with mobile phones with unlimited calls, the need to have a landline phone at home disappears somewhat, but it is also true that part of the population, in most cases, older people, still wants to have a landline in Your domicile. In this sense, Lowi cannot offer us to have a fixed telephone at home, although it tries to supply it with unlimited calls in all its fiber and mobile rates and only mobile.

Teléfono fijo

Unlimited data

We spend more and more time connected to the Internet and if we work or study much of the day away from home, it is possible that a rate with unlimited data could save our lives if we do not have access to connect to a WiFi network. Being a low cost operator, Lowi does not have mobile or fiber and mobile rates that have unlimited data.

If we run out of gigabytes to navigate our rate, Lowi allows us to share gigabytes with other Lowi numbers, so if you run out of megabytes to navigate you can always turn to a friend to share one with you. The maximum number of gigs to navigate that the operator offers in its mobile rates is 35 GB with unlimited calls for 19.95 euros per month. However, in fiber and mobile rates the maximum is 30 GB and 600 Mb for 39.95 euros per month with the possibility of adding additional mobile lines.

1 Gbps speed

As we have already mentioned, the maximum fiber speed that Lowi currently offers is 600 Mb. If we only want to contract fiber with Lowi, we have the option of doing it with 100 Mb of speed for 29.95 euros per month. However, if we want to contract a fiber and mobile rate, we have 3 options:

  • 100 Mb + 10 GB mobile line with unlimited calls for 29.95 euros per month.
  • 300 Mb + 25 GB mobile line with unlimited calls for 34.95 euros per month.
  • 600 Mb + 30 GB mobile line with unlimited calls for 39.95 euros per month.

In all cases, Lowi applies a stay of 3 months.


The large operators have their own television services such as Vodafone TV, Orange TV or Movistar +. The normal thing is that low cost operators do not have this type of convergent tariff pack that includes fiber, mobile and television. If what you are looking for is a rate that includes television, you will have to opt for an operator that is not low cost.

Mando de televisión


The eSIM, also known as virtual SIM, is gradually replacing the SIM cards that currently exist on the market. It is a chip that is pre-installed in the mobile and that allows us to use several numbers at the same time or change operator in a matter of seconds. Operators such as Orange or Vodafone offer this service, but low cost operators such as Lowi do not have it available.


The data transfer speed is estimated to be 10 times faster thanks to the 5G network, with speeds even higher than 1 Gbps. Both 5G and unlimited data are two of the great weapons of operators to differentiate their premium rates.

In the same way that 4G did, 5G technology will reach second brands and MVNOs that operate in our country. At the moment, we know that 02 customers can enjoy Movistar’s 5G network, as well as MásMóvil customers can do it with Yoigo. However, at Vodafone it is still unknown when Lowi’s customers will be given the option to enjoy the 5G network.

Red 5G

4G or VoLTE calls

Each mobile generation has had its own priorities and for 4G calls have not been within those priorities. Since its arrival in 2013, it has meant an increase in Internet speed, but when making a call, most of it is made by switching to 3G coverage. The implementation of calls in 4G or VolTE (voice over LTE) has been slow to arrive and is only available in Vodafone, Movistar, O2 and Orange. 4G voice achieves a virtually instant call setup and a compatible smartphone is required. A service that is also typical of large operators and that Lowi does not have available.

VoWiFi: talk without mobile coverage

WiFi calls, also known as VoWiFi, help us not to lose coverage when we are talking and we are in garages or basements where the coverage is not always optimal. VoWiFi calls are governed by the same rates that apply to normal calls over the mobile network and currently the operators that have this service are Movistar, O2 and Orange, leaving out Vodafone and therefore its second brand, Lowi.