8 Best Apps to Clean Your Android

If your Android already has a time and lately notes that this does not work with the speed of the first day, it means that it was time for a general cleaning. If you have taken a look at the Google Play Store you will have noticed that there are many different cleaners for your Android phone. There are free, paid, with many options and some others of doubtful reliability. To help you choose effective cleaners that don't compromise the security or performance of your phone, we have made a short list of the best. We end up with two extra sections in case you want to know more about the mobile cleaning world.

Clean Your Android
Clean Your Android

The best apps to clean your Android mobile

Clean Master

With more than a billion downloads behind it, Clean Master is considered the best application to clean your Android mobile . It is completely free, clean your phone from any unnecessary or potentially harmful files, and improve the performance of your device without spending a bit of your battery.

Clean Master
Clean Master

Among the main functions of Clean Master, we highlight the ability to locate junk files forgotten by apps (the always annoying bloatware), clear the cache of your mobile and even delete unnecessary files stored by Internet ads. This entails a generous increase in the speed of your mobile as well as giving you the security that your phone is as clean as the first day.

But not everything ends here: Clean Master has a regularly updated antivirus protection that detects any type of malware installed on your mobile. You can also increase the performance of your phone when with a game that needs high resources and finally offers an interesting app blocking system so that no curious can access them without your permission.

In short, Clean Master is an extraordinary app to keep your mobile phone clean and safe without spending a single penny. Highly recommended.

1Tap Cleaner

1Tap Cleaner is an Android cleaner designed for all those people with little time or who simply do not want to complicate their lives when doing a general cleaning of their mobile. As its name says, 1Tap Cleaner is able to perform all the basic maintenance tasks of your mobile by simply pressing your screen. All this for free.

1Tap Cleaner
1Tap Cleaner

1Tap Cleaner incorporates within the same app 5 different cleaners: a specialized cache cleaner, one to clean the history of your device, another for messages and call history stored on your phone, another for your mobile settings and finally one for the SD card that you have inserted. All this ensures a thorough cleaning of any unnecessary files that may be affecting the performance of your mobile.

If you are not a friend of wasting time on complicated applications or with many options, do not think twice and take a look at 1Tap Cleaner . In addition to being a really light app, it hardly uses your mobile battery and offers excellent results. And free!


CCleaner is not only one of the best cleaners for PC and Mac, it is also an excellent app to leave your Android mobile as the first day. In addition to being completely free , it has the security of belonging to Piriform, a company that is currently part of the Avast antivirus family.

CCleaner for Android
CCleaner for Android

The Android version of CCleaner has nothing to envy its counterpart for desktops. With it you can do a thorough cleaning of your mobile, rid it of junk files as well as increase the performance of your RAM. In addition to all this, the app incorporates really interesting options such as analyzing the storage of your phone and receiving a report of how it is being used so far and how to improve it.

As icing, CCleaner includes a function that monitors the use of your mobile CPU. Thanks to it you can easily know which applications are running in the background and also know which consume more RAM or make your Android overheat and drain its battery.

In short, CCleaner is a complete application with a wide range of extra tools that will facilitate the use of your mobile and improve its performance with just a few keystrokes. All this with the great advantage of being completely translated into Spanish.

All-In-One Toolbox

As the name implies, All-In-One Toolbox offers everything you might need to clean your Android mobile within the same application. And this app includes nothing more and nothing less than more than 30 individual tools designed to clean and improve the performance of your mobile phone. All this for free.

All-In-One Toolbox easily performs tasks as important as cleaning your mobile device from unnecessary files, freeing up space and of course, cleaning your mobile's cache. However, the app also incorporates interesting features such as the ability to speed up or even speed up your phone just by pressing its screen, cooling its CPU to lower the temperature or manage APK files.

All-In-One Toolbox also provides tools to compress files stored on your mobile, such as photographs, and provide reports so that you know at all times which files take up more space on your phone and if it is worth keeping them.

All-In-One Toolbox is a totally free and really useful application, although only recommended if you want to have many options to have absolute control over your mobile.

SD Maid

SD Maid is a very powerful application with which to thoroughly clean your mobile phone. Unlike most of the above options, do not expect to find an app with just one button to analyze and another to clean your phone. We are facing a complex and really effective app.
As we have anticipated, SD Maid has been designed to perform in-depth analysis of your mobile phone and reach where other apps do not reach. From it you will have full access to your phone and you can do much more than delete duplicate or unnecessary files.
From it you can find and delete hidden files on your mobile and even get rid of residual files that an application has left by manually deleting it. Although the app is completely free, there is a paid version with many more options to improve the performance of your device.
As a negative point, with SD Maid it is possible to accidentally delete files necessary for the proper functioning of your mobile, so use the app with caution.

GO Speed

GO Speed is one of the lightest and also most innovative free cleaners for the entire Google Play Store. This convenient app is not only capable of analyzing and deleting unnecessary files from your mobile phone, but also increasing the performance of your mobile up to 60%.

The operation of GO Speed is very simple thanks to its interface. If you consider yourself a novice user, your visual simplicity will guide you through its functions to improve your mobile without headaches. Among its main options are the ability to clean our phone (junk, temporary, cache files, etc.) as well as the ability to detect and eliminate any bloatware program that is running in the background.

Finally, it is interesting to underline that GO Speed incorporates a monitoring system for all the applications that are working on your mobile phone. This is especially interesting to detect any app that consumes many resources of your system and you did not know until now that it was in operation.

Ace Cleaner

Ace Cleaner is a very simple but very effective free cleaner. It is perfect for all Android users looking for a lightweight application to manage the maintenance of their mobile. In addition, its clean interface is perfect for all those who do not consider themselves experts in technology but who want to have their mobile in perfect condition.

Ace Cleaner has a good number of tools to clean and improve the performance of your mobile. Stresses, obviously, your cleaner. Detects and removes junk files that have left apps, APKs, Internet ads. In addition, thoroughly clean your device's RAM. It also optimizes our Android system, specifically analyzes all the functions that are loaded when you turn on your smartphone and blocks early startup to those that you consider unnecessary.

If you are a social media lover, you'll be glad to know that Ace Cleaner incorporates a specific cleaner for the Facebook app. Manage the application, delete unnecessary files and make sure it works as quickly as possible and shows its content correctly.
Finally, Ace Cleaner has an app blocker with which you can put password to WhatsApp, Facebook ... to convert them into private applications. Do you dare to try it? It's free!

Cleaner for Android

Cleaner for Android , a powerful Systemax application, incorporates a good number of great tools to improve the performance of your mobile that complement the basic functions of a cleaner.

Unlike the rest of apps, Cleaner for Android incorporates the option to perform its usual maintenance tasks automatically, making it excellent for forgetful users.

In addition to its good results, Cleaner for Android improves battery performance and controls the temperature of your device . You also have the possibility to make backup copies of your apps, optimize your gaming sessions, delete hidden files and the interesting option to disable notifications of certain apps that resist leaving you alone.

What is it and why is it necessary to have an Android cleaner installed?

Each time you download an application, file or visit a web page through your mobile phone, some of the information is stored on the device. No matter that you delete it later, there are always traces of the file or app (known as junk files) as well as entries in the cache. With the passage of time, an excessive accumulation of such files decreases the performance of your mobile, making it work much slower and even late to react or spend much more battery than it should.

To solve this problem there are cleaning apps for your phone. It is usual to think that at first these only serve to free up space on your mobile, however, its use is much more complex. Thanks to getting rid of all junk files and unnecessary entries in the cache, Android cleaners free up RAM and improve the performance of your mobile. Some even offer added antivirus protection to protect and detect threats that are affecting the proper functioning of your device. That is why it is always very useful to have a good cleaner installed.

What do you need to download an Android cleaner?

To install them you simply need to make sure you have your Android operating system updated to its latest version and click on the app download buttons. If you are not convinced how to update Android, do not worry, click on the following guide to learn how to do it step by step.

We hope that our selection of apps will help you keep your Android phone in perfect condition. Do you know any other app that you think should be on this list? Share it with us in the comments section!