7 Switch games to get hooked on this summer

7 Switch games to get hooked on this summer

Summer vacations are a great time to disconnect from work or studies and occupy your mind with other things. If you like video games, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for this time of year, since you can take it with you if you travel to another location without any problem. If you don’t know what to play this summer on your Switch, here are seven fantastic titles that deserve to be given a try.

7 games to rock the Switch this holiday

This is our selection. Try them!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The third installment of Xenoblade is without a doubt, the most anticipated release of Nintendo Switch this summer . Already the second installment was a complete success, as it became the best-selling title in the franchise, and was also praised for its graphics . This game’s main novelty is that we can manage a team of seven members, compared to three in the previous game.

Metroid Dread

They say that there is no fifth evil, and in the Metroid saga, this statement seems to be taken seriously. This fifth installment in the main line of the Samus Aran saga is one of the best games in the Nintendo Switch catalog . The title has a story of ten and very good gameplay. It is also surely the most difficult Metroid you will face. If you’ve taken the pleasure of playing Souls, Metroid Dread is for you.

Animal Crossing New Horizons + Happy Home Paradise

We fully understand that what you are looking for in summer is to relax . And a good way to do it is on the Animal Crossing island. If you don’t already own New Horizons , you’re missing out on one of the best Animal Crossing installments. And, if you’ve already played it back in the day, we recommend you check out Happy Home Paradise , the DLC that lets you become an interior decorator. If you have Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack , you have it included there.

Fall Guys

This fantastic title has not only finally arrived on Nintendo Switch, but has also landed for free – with micropayments and battle passes, yes. You can download it right now in the eShop and it can give you more than one afternoon of fun and the odd snack with friends and family.

Triangle Strategy

If you are looking for a title to spend many hours on, nothing better than a JRPG. This title is a full-fledged ‘ tactics ‘, with a very interesting story that will be modified by our decisions. Its HD-2D graphic style is very simple and attractive, as we saw in Octopath Traveler —another great game that we definitely recommend, although it’s already a few years old—.

live a live

From the new JRPGs we are going to jump to the classics. And it is that this game by Takashi Tokita —which was behind titles like Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy IV— was a success in its day, but it never left Japan. On July 22, its remastered version with HD-2D graphics arrives .

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

It has taken Kirby many years to land his Towstar in the three-dimensional world. But the truth is that the wait was worth it. This installment preserves the Kirby mechanics of a lifetime, but adapted to a new way of playing . It is a title where exploration is rewarded and in which handling is caught in a matter of minutes. A good game for the youngest members of the household to discover the pink ball franchise.