7 products with which Nintendo showed that it is different from the rest

7 products with which Nintendo showed

Nintendo is not like Sony. Nor does it share a philosophy with Microsoft nor does it resemble SEGA in the slightest. And that is precisely the most attractive thing about the Big N. The company has spent decades showing an incredible ability to go outside the box, innovate and put creativity above all else . Sometimes it goes well, and others are to forget. In this review there is everything; from the great successes of the brand to the saddest failures:


Virtual Boy.

It was a complete failure, but we can’t accuse Nintendo of not innovating. In 1995, Nintendo was already thinking about virtual reality . However, less than a million users thought it was a good idea to wear a headset with a monochrome screen to play video games.

The approach of the Big N was good, but they anticipated too much. The Virtual Boy came too soon . The console was not capable of handling 3D environments, so the device was totally meaningless.

Game Boy Camera

Game Boy Camera.

Of all the bizarre accessories that the Game Boy has had, the one that takes the prize is the camera . Integrated into a cartridge, the Game Boy Camera was capable of taking monochrome photographs and then making collages and montages from the console itself.

This accessory is one of many that shows us that Nintendo has a time machine, because two decades later, we all do the same from our mobiles. By the way, the Game Boy Camera has become something of a cult accessory. There is a whole community dedicated to taking really complex photos and modifying the accessory to get the most out of it.

Nintendo ds

nintendo ds.

If you think about it carefully, the design of the PSP is what was expected of a laptop of its time. A console with a large screen and with certain ergonomics. The successor to the Game Boy Advance should have been something like that, but Nintendo often surprises us with its lateral thinking, which is why they brought out the Nintendo DS.

Touch screen, stylus , a microphone… and a double screen . And boy did they know how to play it. The result was a machine with humble but affordable features and games that focused purely on creativity.

nintendo labo

We laughed a lot the day that Nintendo presented its new cardboard game . It may not be what more than one expected from the Nintendo Switch, but we must admit that its intention is very good.

Nintendo Labo is the perfect combination of video games and hands-on activities . An incursion of the Japanese firm in the famous Montessori Method.

Wii Balance Board

This accessory benefited from Wii Fit and a handful of other games. It wasn’t cheap, but it revolutionized the way people played video games . Just when we thought Wii Sports had raised the bar to an impossible position, Nintendo surprised us with this exercise board.

Many of us who have it at home gave it a lot of cane at the time, and we also dusted it off during confinement.

nintendo wii

Nintendo Wii.

Little can be said about this console that has not already been written. After failing with the GameCube, Nintendo decided to try the casual market. The console was a success, although the same cannot be said for the sale of games. The Nintendo Wii will forever be remembered as the machine that got your grandmother to play tennis and bowling.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Overcoming Mario Kart is difficult today. However, Nintendo did. Do you find Bowser’s Castle easy? Do you know all the Rainbow Paths by heart? Well, turn your living room, your desk and even your bathroom into a game track.

This augmented reality title is also one of the craziest inventions that Nintendo has released.