6 good and cheap touch pens for mobile or tablet

6 good and cheap touch pens for mobile or tablet

If you like to use your smartphone or tablet with a digital pen or you need to use it to enjoy greater precision in the different tasks you are going to carry out, you are surely looking for some low-priced models that offer you good results and are compatible with your device.

For this reason, we are going to tell you about some of the best cheap stylus options beyond the Samsung S-Pen that will offer you a very good user experience on your mobile, tablet or wherever you want to use it, so that you can choose the one that best suits you. to your preferences or specific needs.

ELZO, 4 for the price of one


These pencils are cheap because you have 4 units for only 12.49 euros that fulfill their function well as a digital pencil. They are available in various colors to bring your creations to life, with a unique design and premium manufacturing with an aluminum body and a high-sensitivity fiber tip for a smoother glide and great precision . It has 6 replaceable nanofiber tips included, so you can change in seconds.

In addition, you have an 18-month warranty and they ensure lifetime support. Those who have tried it are delighted with them, and even more so for their low price.

MIXOO, with 5 colors and real feather feeling


This is a 2-in-one universal stylus pen with precise disk and fiber tip for smartphones and tablets of all brands. Its price of less than 10 euros, or a little more if you want a pack of 2, is one of its main attractions. It is a universal, wide-use pencil with the feel of a real pen. It has 5 colors to choose from.

You can take notes, draw, write, play games and much more with its high-precision capacitive stylus.

Generies, cheap for all screens


This is a pen for touch screens of all kinds with a universal capacitive high-sensitivity disk tip for all screens that you can have for only 10.98 euros. It has cylindrical aluminum body, disc tip position which is connected by metal steel balls and special design.

It is very comfortable, practical and elegant, one of the preferred options for many people looking for a cheap pen for their mobile or tablet.

WOEOA Two in One Stylus Pen


If you are looking for a universal capacitive stylus pen, this is perfect, since it is 2 in 1 and provides you with a good user experience on tablets and mobile phones in different models and brands. Its price is only 10.99 euros , although right now it has a coupon and you can save by buying more units.

It has an aluminum body and a disc tip attached by a steel metal ball. Its tip is improved and it is not necessary to charge it. It has compatibility with palm rejection.

OASO, answer on the whole screen

lápiz móvil Tablet oaso

Capacitive Pen with Disc Tip and Magnetic Cap OASO is an interesting model for tablets that is compatible with all touch screens . You can choose it in pink, white or black colors with its price from 13.99 euros.

It offers greater sensitivity and responds on the entire screen , without the need for a battery or connection before use. It has a magnetic lid that is easy to store and protect in good condition. Comes with an extra replacement disc tip.

It is a cheap model that is very compatible with all devices and works very well.

MEKO, perfect for drawing and taking notes


This is a 2-in-1 precision touch screen stylus for tablets, smartphones, iPhones and many other devices. It has 3 replaceable tips. It has been made of stainless steel and aluminum with great precision for taking notes and drawing applications. It’s perfect for playing games and much more. It creates you the feeling of real pen.

With its click it ensures that you always have the pencil with you if you collect it in a book, pocket or wherever you want. Its price is 12.99 euros or less depending on the model.