6 apps to make your class notes beautiful

6 apps to make your class notes beautiful

Some time ago there were the classic notes written by hand very quickly and in which you did not know anything. It is not that they have ceased to exist or that notes are not given in class, on the contrary, but now you can make your notes more cool and get them to motivate you to study every day to get the best grades, to make presentations that stand out or to what you want.

Your notes will be stored safely, with the possibility of accessing them whenever you want and with an extremely attractive appearance with these applications, so we will tell you about some of the most notable ones that you can use for your class notes, language school or what you want.


Evernote app

This is one of the best-known applications for taking notes and notes that allows you to simplify everything to the maximum and optimize your tasks. With it you can save your notes to consult them from any place and device, finding what you need quickly. It is an excellent productivity tool in which you can also set due dates, reminders, notices and much more.

One of its advantages is that it can be linked to the Penultimate app with which you can take notes by hand with a digital pen.


somnote app

This is an app where you can easily take notes , which stands out for its colorful design and the possibility of storing your data in the cloud. You can add images, documents and more to complete the information, you can even customize the app to suit your tastes.

It can be an excellent study resource and you can even protect your notes or a document if you wish so that no one else can access it, among other features of the app.


This is an app with which you can take notes by hand with your mobile . With a pencil, you can write like on paper. So you can take notes, fill out forms, sign documents, edit jobs and much more. You can draw shapes, import images and have many features.

You can create pages and notes and edit them at your convenience. You can edit notes in notebooks. Your mobile will be a virtual whiteboard for many uses, including presentations in class. It is very easy to use and very practical, write with the pencil and erase with your finger.


notebook app

This is a very interesting app for taking notes because of its simplicity and great appeal . You can add text, images, audio, checklists and whatever you want in the same note, record voice notes, take photos, scan documents like the content of a reference book page, add PDF and much more.

You can organize your notes in notebooks , create stacks of cards with your notes and much more.

For students, there are options to take handwritten notes , draw diagrams, record entire lectures, and much more. In addition, you can synchronize them with other devices to be able to access them from wherever you want, whether mobile, tablet or computer.


mindmeister app apuntes

This is an app that will help you make your notes more beautiful because you can save them with a very easy structure for study, like mental maps. You can do it to take notes in class, organize and prioritize the concepts you want to learn, among many other things.

You can customize your maps with styles, themes, and colors, add notes, attachments, and much more. You will have to register a free account, there are payment plans, although you can try them for free for a week if you are interested. It is a good study tool with highly attractive appearance.

Google Keep

Google keep

It is a minimalist app with which you can take notes instantly , making it perfect for class notes. It may not have a large number of options, but it will allow you to take notes at any time and take your notes in sync wherever you want.

You can add color and labels to your notes to organize yourself much better, you can even do quick searches or share what you want with your friends. As if that weren’t enough, you can save voice reminders , which doesn’t hurt to get you out of trouble.