5G Will Overcome Some Limitations of Wi-Fi

Wireless networks are very important for the daily life of users. As we know, most devices today allow us to connect to the Internet without the need for cables. This is a very positive thing, but it can also have its complications. Wi-Fi networks are widely used, but they have certain limitations both in usability and in security or privacy. In this article we discuss why 5G is going to improve these wireless networks .

5G will improve some problems present in Wi-Fi

Others say that even 5G can replace Wi-Fi in certain sectors. We do not know what can happen in a few years, but the normal thing is that, at least in the short term, it is rather a complement. Both networks will exist and will be part of our day to day.

5G Will Overcome Some Limitations of Wi-Fi

Now, how can 5G improve some problems that exist in Wi-Fi? One of those problems that you can avoid is interference. We all know that Wi-Fi networks, whether at home or business level, can suffer complications if there are other networks or devices nearby. This is something that we can avoid thanks to this mobile technology.

Also, on certain occasions especially, it will present a significant improvement in terms of security . Wi-Fi networks may not be well protected and accessible by intruders. This means that our devices could be damaged and our privacy at risk. 5G does not have that problem and in this sense it is an improvement.

Following the thread we mentioned, 5G will adapt to the privacy conditions that certain industries such as healthcare require. It is, therefore, another improvement over Wi-Fi and that we can take advantage of. This does not mean that they get rid of the traditional wireless network, but that in certain devices the mobile network will be more present.

On the other hand, 5G offers a significant improvement in terms of latency . This is something that certain sectors will be able to verify in their day to day and without a doubt it will mean a change. For this reason, the latest generation mobile network will improve the Wi-Fi network in this sense, thus allowing the use of more equipment that requires a minimum ping.

El 5G traerá ciudades seguras

More computers connected to the network

Without a doubt we live in a society in which we have more and more computers connected to the network. But the number increases if we think about all the sensors of IoT devices and certain tools that in one way or another are connected to the Internet.

5G will offer important improvements in all aspects, but especially it will allow connecting more equipment at the same time, thus skipping the possible limitations of a traditional router. We will have more possibilities to connect our devices en masse and make use of multiple Internet of Things equipment.

As we say, it will bring important changes to our day to day, both at the user and business level. Will it ever beat Wi-Fi at all? At the moment we leave you all the characteristics of 5G.