5 ways hackers can hack your Amazon account

Amazon has become one of the most popular online stores in the world and millions of people have their credit cards linked to make their purchases on the web. This fact causes many hackers to try to steal Amazon accounts to obtain compromised and personal data of countless users.

Amazon has become a popular target for cybercrime. Many cybercriminals have found the keys to take over the accounts of millions of users and access their personal and banking data, in addition to in some cases making purchases with the victims’ own accounts. These hacks happen because many users are unaware of the bad practices and forms of phishing that scammers can use to take over their accounts. Next, we show you ways they can hack your Amazon account.

5 ways hackers can hack your Amazon account

Through emails

If a stranger manages to take possession of our Amazon account, the first step they usually take is to change the access data to the account to avoid that, if we become aware of the theft, we cannot access it. It is also common for them to try to buy items with one of the payment methods that we have configured in our account. The hacker can use an empty house to send the products, a locker or compromise a third party to receive the fraudulent purchases .

Phishing emails have become one of the most effective options for hacking an Amazon account. The design of these emails is very similar to the shape and image that an Amazon email can have. It is common for them to include a link that will take us to a page where Amazon is supposed to ask us to enter our account credentials, but in reality it is a phishing website where scammers manage to get hold of our data. Once the victim enters their credentials, the data is passed directly to the cybercriminal.

Ejemplo de phishing Amazon

How to recognize a phishing email

Some of the ways we have to recognize a phishing email and that will give us reason to distrust are the following:

  • Errors and misspellings in the message
  • Verify the sender’s address
  • Check if the domain belongs to Amazon
  • Do not click on any link in the email if you are suspicious
  • Weak passwords

If we have a weak password to access our Amazon account, it is more than likely that a hacker can decrypt it using automated software.

To prevent automatic programs from giving our access password, we must avoid indicating personal data in them, such as our date of birth, the name of our pet or any type of data that is very obvious. For a password to be considered secure, it must be longer than 10 characters and include a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols .

Contraseña de acceso

Data dump

Every time we register with a website, we run the risk that that website will be attacked and our password will be stolen and published on the Internet . It is for this reason that we must avoid using the same password on different websites. If we use it and that website is hacked, we will cause several of our accounts to be compromised.

The best advice we can give you is to use a different and unique password both in the Amazon account and in the rest of your Gmail access accounts, subscriptions to streaming platforms, etc.


A keylogger is nothing more than a type of malicious software that, once installed on our computer, records all the keystrokes we make. So through this method they can also steal the Amazon account.

To avoid keylogging attacks, we must avoid malicious websites while it is highly recommended to have an antivirus installed on our computer and always keep it updated so that it works correctly and can detect this type of malware.

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Through our email

Another way in which they can steal our Amazon account is through our own email, that is, if the company with which we have our email account is attacked and our access data to it goes to the light, cybercriminals could also access our Amazon account credentials.

To prevent this from happening, the email address that we have associated with our Amazon account must have a unique and secure password. Additionally, enabling two-step authentication is also highly recommended. By means of two-step authentication all the hacking methods described above can be avoided.

This security measure makes it very difficult for them to steal our account, since they would also have to have access to a second mobile device, which is normally our mobile phone. We can activate two-step authentication by accessing our Amazon account and going to the security section.