5 things you should not do in Word and Excel if you do not want to be hacked

There are many cyber attacks that we can suffer when browsing the Internet or using applications. Here we must make special mention of very common programs such as Excel and Word . They are used by cybercriminals to launch attacks, so take steps to avoid being victimized. In this article we are going to talk about 5 things that you should keep in mind so that you are not attacked when using this type of software.

Mistakes to avoid with Excel and Word

5 things you should not do in Word and Excel

Hackers usually attack what is most used. When we talk about applications like Excel or Word, we mean really popular software, which is part of our day to day. Therefore, it is important to avoid mistakes when using them and not fall into the trap that could expose our personal information or have problems.

Have outdated programs

The first mistake, and perhaps the most important, is having Word and Excel out of date . Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities to steal data or cause a malfunction. This is corrected through patches and regular security updates that they may release.

This is something you should apply to any computer program you use. You should always have the latest versions. On the one hand, you will achieve a significant improvement in performance, but on the other hand, you will be more protected and you will be able to correct security flaws that can be exploited.

Open any Word or Excel by email

A very common attack is when a cybercriminal sends an Excel or Word file by email and it is actually malware. Simply through a file of this type they could sneak a virus that puts privacy at risk or causes failures in Windows or the system you use.

Therefore, it is essential to be careful whenever you receive a file of this type by e-mail. You should thoroughly check the source and make sure it is trustworthy before opening it, as it might automatically launch malicious software and pose a security problem. It is essential to avoid attacks with attachments.

Dudell, malware a través de Excel

Download files from unknown pages

But Word or Excel documents do not only arrive through the mail, but we can also download them from many sites . Sometimes we are looking for information on something specific and we come across the possibility of downloading a Word file with relevant data. But that document could be a danger as it could contain malware.

Once again, before downloading an Excel or Word file, it is important to check its origin very well and avoid falling into the trap. Here common sense is going to be essential so that our teams are not compromised.

Don’t use antivirus

Without a doubt, another common mistake is not using a good antivirus when using Excel or Word. You should always have the computer protected and a security program will play a fundamental role there, since it will detect possible threats and will also help to eliminate files that may be dangerous.

There are many options available, but for example Windows Defender is a good solution. However, whichever one you choose, you must make sure that it works correctly and has the real capacity to warn you when you are faced with a threat.

Download programs from insecure sites

When you go to install Excel or Word, you should always make sure that you are installing the application correctly. The same should be applied to any other program that you are going to install, since it can be the source of entry for malicious software and hackers take advantage of this.

It is a mistake to download the application from anywhere, without checking if it is really reliable or not. This point is very important to preserve the proper functioning of the system at all times.