5 things you should know when subscrbing Movistar Fusion

Beyond rates for private users, Movistar also has Movistar Empresas focused on business and also with Fusion options. When hiring Movistar Fusión these are some of the aspects that we should take into account.

Movistar has convergent Movistar Fusión packs that offer a fiber connection, mobile lines and television with content that varies depending on the type of Fusion that we subscribe and that in many cases include more than 80 channels, Disney +, Netflix, series and sports, among others. These are some of the characteristics of Fusion that we have to take into account before hiring.

5 things you should know when subscrbing Movistar Fusion

Share unlimited data

Regarding the question of whether we can share unlimited data when contracting Fusión with Movistar, the answer is no. In the case of options such as Fusion Inicia that has two mobile lines with unlimited calls and SMS and 40 GB to navigate on the first line and calls at 0 cents per minute, 30 cents for SMS and 5 GB to navigate on the second. We will be able to share the data by adding the data of all the mobile lines .

On the other hand, in the case of Fusion modalities such as Fusion Inicia Infinito that has two mobile lines, the first with unlimited calls, SMS and gigabytes and the second with calls at 0 cent, 30 cent SMS and 5 GB we also have the possibility of sharing data between mobile lines. In this case, the lines with unlimited data will contribute 15 gigabytes each to the total data bag , ceasing to have unlimited data.

Data in roaming

If you travel through any country of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway , you will be able to call, send messages and surf the Internet with your data rate as if you were in Spain . Movistar applies the same conditions of your national Fusion plan. You can check that you have roaming activated through Movistar’s private area in the Contract and manage services section.

However, if you want to travel through the United States , if you have a contract line with Movistar you can have 500 MB per day for 6.05 euros . In addition, you can control your roaming consumption at any time, both voice, data and SMS through the private area of Movistar.


Second less complete mobile line

Taking a look at the different Merger options with Movistar, we will realize that, at a minimum, they all include 2 mobile lines . In the most economical options such as Fusion starts, Fusion starts Infinite or Fusion Selection with fiction, while the first mobile line has unlimited calls and SMS and unlimited gigs from Fusion starts Infinite, the second line is much less complete.

In certain Fusion modalities, the second line usually has calls at 0 cent per minute, 30 cent for SMS and 5 GB for browsing . Options that perhaps are a bit short if we compare them with the characteristics of the first line.

Symmetric fiber up to 1 Gbps

From the Fusión Inicia Infinito mode, Movistar offers up to 1 Gbps of both download and upload speeds. A symmetric fiber connection that allows greater speed and capacity to upload content, share large files, work in the cloud to carry out HD quality videoconferences.

The reality is that both the tests carried out by our site team and other tests collected on social networks and other sources, confirm that in practically all cases the speed is very close to 1000 Mbps, both for uploading and uploading. download, but always close to 940 Mbps. This happens due to headend losses and it is impossible to get more than 940 Mbps .

1 gbps

Calls from landline to mobile

If you are interested in your rate having calls from landline to mobile, not all Merger modalities include this feature . For example, the Fusion Selection with Fiction has unlimited calls to landlines and 550 minutes to mobiles.

On the other hand, the Fusion Inicia and Fusion Inicia Infinito modalities only have unlimited calls to landlines and do not include calls to mobiles. Something curious is that none of the Fusion modalities includes unlimited calls to mobiles from the landline, limiting this aspect to 550 minutes . Therefore, if you plan to contract any of the Movistar Fusión rates, first take into account the aspects that we have discussed so that your choice best suits your needs.