5 things that Xiaomi should improve on the Mi Band 7

Over time, phone accessories have become overly popular. To the point that today we find a large number of users who make use of them. Especially two: smart watches and bracelets. In the case of the latter there is a clear dominant and it is the Xiaomi Mi Band.

This wearable is probably one of the best-selling accessories on the market due to various factors, such as its low price, the brand of the Asian company. Even so, it is not the only thing that this bracelet boasts, as it includes numerous ways to monitor both your body and your mobile. However, despite the fact that the firm tries to improve with each launch, certain aspects are missing in the face of the Mi Band 7.

5 things that Xiaomi should improve on the Mi Band 7

Integrated GPS

It is incomprehensible how after 6 launches a geopositioning technology is still not incorporated. It is logical to think that this would be accompanied by a price increase, but users would be willing to pay the difference for a basic tool today.

Mi Band GPS

It should be noted that there is the possibility of using it as a GPS, but you have to configure it through the phone itself . So we depend entirely on him.

Readable emojis

One of the properties of these bracelets is to check incoming messages without having to take your mobile out of your pocket. This is a great virtue, although unfortunately it is not enhanced at all, since it is impossible to read an emoji.

This is possible through an adjustment from the Mi Fit app itself, but the result is not to everyone’s liking, since it only translates the emoji into written language.

A design change?

The appearance of the Xiaomi Mi Band has not evolved significantly, it remains practically identical since its first launch. The only noticeable changes revolve around screen size.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Perhaps it is time to bet on an aesthetic revolution that will attract even more the attention of those who have not yet opted for this accessory. An example could be adopting a more square shape or that the screen is integrated directly into your strap.

Voice assistant

The main function of these smart bracelets known as Mi Band is to provide the user with an accessible control of the physical condition and the terminal. This is the main reason why including a voice assistant would be of great help.

This improvement is likely to be accompanied by an increase in the final cost, although there is no doubt that its usefulness would be worth overpaying . Imagine consulting any section of the accessory just by mentioning certain words. Comfort like never before.

NFC out

This was one of the main demands on the part of consumers. Above all, at such a specific moment in which we find ourselves where contactless payments have spread worldwide.

mi band 6 nfc

While it is true that the Chinese brand launched a model of the Mi Band 6 that brought with it NFC technology. A measure that did not completely satisfy those who had previously purchased the original version.