5 reasons to watch Love, Death & Robots, Netflix's animated dystopia

5 reasons to watch Love

In recent years there has been an extraordinary boom in 3D animation focused on an increasingly adult audience and, surely, within this new genre that opens before the doors of the main streaming platforms, the case of Love, Death & Robots is the most visible of all. It is, by far, the most surprising, careful and interesting production that we now have available on any streaming platform and that already has a date for the premiere of its so-called Volume 3.

More robots, love and deaths

Indeed. Netflix has practically just announced the arrival of Volume 3 for next May 20, at which time we can immerse ourselves again in one of the riskiest bets in recent years. Above all because not only the themes are often certainly delicate in some cases, but also because their staging is sometimes very transgressive. And surely those two qualities are the basis of its success and recognition by practically all the users who have had the opportunity to see it.

But what if you haven’t fallen into temptation yet? Well, we are going to try to make you do it, explaining five reasons why you should start watching it. And since we still have a month to go, how about you start visiting it from the first chapter released about three years ago now? In total, 26 chapters await you, 13 per season, with an exclusive theme for people over 18 years of age and episode lengths that range from just 6 minutes to 17, so you will be able to see them practically in any gap that arises in your schedule.

But let’s not entertain. Here are the five reasons to enjoy Love, Death & Robots starting right now.

1. Good science fiction

Regardless of any other issue, the essence of this series are science fiction stories in the broadest sense of the genre. In addition, that dystopian, and sometimes utopian, look smacks of the best of Philip K. Dick or the great authors of literature who, beginning in the 20th century, imagined other worlds and other future societies full of evolved humans, automatons and impossible technologies. a delight

Love, Death & Robots

2. Small sips

Love, Death & Robots is very easy to watch, not only because of the length of its chapters, but also because the stories are practically self-contained and it is not necessary to follow the thread chapter by chapter. Hence, you can enjoy it in a free time sitting on the bus, at work having a coffee or at home while you wait for the rice to cook.

3. Quality animation

The Netflix series is an example of the best work from leading studios in 3D animation. Although there are more traditional examples in apparent 2D, the quality of each episode leaves you speechless and, above all, its conception and acquired style. It is a visual delight to sit and watch Love, Death & Robots on a 4K television and savor every little detail that appears on the screen.

4. Classic themes, modern visions

The series is not called Love, Death & Robots for no reason, since in almost all the chapters those three elements are touched on, which are in themselves a declaration of intent. Checking how each director or screenwriter understands these stories full of love, deaths and robots is an exercise in creative diversity that we rarely have the opportunity to enjoy.

5. It will surprise you

Another of the details that leave a mark when watching the series is that you will find chapters that will leave you thinking , reflecting on what you have seen. A kind of existential review of approaches to visions that are not just those of a simple piece of animation, but that go beyond. To what extent do you think it can condition you?