5 reasons to upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04, and 2 to never install this Linux

5 reasons to upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04

Ubuntu is an operating system that has a perfect balance between “Linux experience” and “accessibility”, being a perfect gateway for those who have never left Windows or macOS. Every 6 months a new version of this Linux arrives, and today we can find out what will be the new features that will stand out in the new Ubuntu 23.04 “Lunar Lobster” .

The new version of this Linux will reach all users as a free update next Thursday, April 20, 2023. It is a new maintenance version, with some new features requested by the community, a version that, although it should generally go unnoticed, is causing great excitement. And we are going to see what their most representative novelties are.

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Top 5 new features of Ubuntu 23.04

For a long time, Canonical has not stood out for including great news in its updates, so the changes compared to the previous version, 22.10, and even 22.04 LTS, are not exactly attractive. Despite this, we are going to see what are the 5 main novelties that we will find if we update:

  • New GNOME 44 desktop. This new version of the desktop environment brings some interesting new features, such as brighter colors, a transparent menu bar, and a screenshot button.
  • Easier and renewed installer. Now this installer is much better and simpler, which makes it easier to get the distro up and running.
  • New backgrounds and icons. As in all versions of Ubuntu, Canonical has selected the best wallpapers from the community to be part of this new system. In addition, it has also included new brighter icons for the system.
  • A smaller system. If we don’t want to download the ISO that is several gigabytes in size, now we can download the new Ubuntu Mini ISO, which occupies only 140 megabytes and allows us to choose what to install and download it from the Internet.
  • New Kernel and program updates. The kernel chosen for this version is 6.2. In addition, it also includes LibreOffice 7.5, Firefox 111, Transmission 3.0, Python 3.11 and many other updated programs.

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Reasons not to install this version

But not everything is good when we talk about Ubuntu. Although it is the most widely used desktop distro in the world, it really is the Linux minus Linux that we can find. The first thing we must take into account is that behind its development is Canonical, a profit-seeking company that, for a long time, has been more concerned with its income than with its user community, something that was unthinkable a long time ago. .

Ubuntu is always in the tail because, unlike other systems, it never has the latest versions of packages or programs. Not even from the kernel, since it always arrives with an older version. In addition, Canonical includes closed source packages in its distro, something that is not very much in line with the Linux philosophy either.

Finally, we can’t forget about the 9-month support for each version . Unless we use an LTS, where we have 5 years of support, all other versions of Ubuntu, which come out every 6 months, have only 9 months of support (including this new 23.04). This forces users to update to new versions every 6 months, something that we know very well often causes many problems.