5 reasons to believe in folding phones

Since folding phones arrived in Spain a little over 4 years ago, thanks to Samsung and its first Galaxy Fold model, many things have happened. What at that time seemed like a developing technology, with many illusions and high expectations, has changed drastically to become a pure reality. Today, that first model has nothing to do with what we have at our fingertips now.

This is not only thanks to Samsung, nor to its smartphones, as other manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon, as is the case with OPPO and its OPPO Find N2 Flip model. Xiaomi wants to follow a similar path, which, although it has already shown us its possibilities in China, wants to do the same in Spain. Huawei and Motorola are two other brands that have shown that they also believe in folding and have been demonstrating their potential for several generations.

5 reasons to believe in folding phones

2023, the year of folding for many reasons

Although 2022 has already shown us that having a foldable mobile is no longer a dream, this year is the year that wants to break the mold, not only because technology continues to advance and make devices evolve, but also because all manufacturers trust foldables . To the already mentioned Samsung, OPPO and Xiaomi, we must add Google, OnePlus and even Honor, those who have terminals in their hands that will come to light in the coming months.

nuevos plegables 2023

Sales continue to grow

In the past year 2022, the figures have reached significant levels, since 12.8 million units have been sold worldwide. These have mostly belonged to Samsung, since it is one of the manufacturers with the greatest commitment to folding and therefore the competition wants to catch up in the coming months. Studies suggest that this 2023, with the arrival of more options, foldable sales will increase by 44% , which will make it even more common to see terminals with this type of screen on the street.

Your stamina is no longer in doubt

Another compelling reason for people to want a foldable smartphone today is that it has already been shown on many occasions that their screens are not fragile. Whereas before we could continuously see tests where, in one way or another, the hinges or the glass ended up being damaged, now these elements resist perfectly. In addition, as long as we keep the invoice or purchase receipt with us, we can resort to the guarantee in case something happens to it, especially now that we have 3 years of protection in Spain.

móvil plegable Samsung

Endless solutions

We cannot ignore the main reason for wanting a folding smartphone and that is that they give us many advantages. We will no longer have the problem that we have to spend hours and hours on the train or on the bus, being forced to watch a series or a movie on the small screen of the smartphone, just by unfolding it, we will have a smartphone turned into a tablet. This is just one example of the many that we can think of, such as, for example, making a work presentation in the cafeteria in a moment of inspiration or simply to create a video that we are going to post on TikTok.

Buying a folding is no longer impossible due to its prices

As this type of smartphone has been democratized, prices have dropped significantly. They have been placed at the same level as other high-end phones, since we cannot forget that inside is usually the best processor, a very fast memory and that even in cameras they are the best. That is why right now, we can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 for just 700 euros . A phone that went on sale just 6 months ago and that has the best.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

You save other devices

If, despite everything we have mentioned, you still think that a folding smartphone is expensive, you should keep in mind that at the same time that you have a classic phone, you will have a tablet in your hands. You can also add a Bluetooth keyboard to this one and get it to become your laptop, leaving you less money than it would cost you to have three different devices in your backpack . He future The present of folding does not only mean using it as we have always used mobile phones, but rather they focus on giving us new solutions and possibilities.