5 movies based on video games that you should have seen already

5 movies based on video games that you should have seen already

Do you usually like literary adaptations? Well, maybe you will also be entertained with those based on video games. These have become authentic narrative sources whose success has ended up causing some other producer to decide to take them to the big screen (with more or less success, yes). Today we have decided to select 5 game adaptations that for one reason or another should be on your list of titles seen. Take note.

Be careful, not all our proposals are because they are real blockbusters : in some cases, the critics have been very divided or have even not welcomed the move from the console to the cinema. Even so, we believe that they are films that every movie-lover who loves video games should see and then, when the subject comes up in a conversation, be able to speak with criteria, don’t you think?

The adventures of Nathan Drake, based on the character of the same name who was born in 2007 for PS3, came to the billboard very recently with Tom Holland at the helm. The critics have been very divided regarding this adaptation -it is unjustifiable, for example, that Sully (played by Mark Wahlberg) comes out without a mustache-, but we believe that it is a film that you should still see.

Warcraft The Origin

The movie Warcraft The Origin was released in 2016, also leaving the doors open for future sequels. Maybe that was his big mistake , wanting to encompass more than he could. Even so, the film has very high doses of video game elements, so many fans of the franchise are sure to be entertained by it.

Assassin’s Creed

Both the production and the story that Assassin’s Creed tells us are directly linked to the main events of video games that do not intend to engulf their footage. It is, thanks to the artistic control that Ubisoft personally carried out, a mandatory title for any gamer, whether or not they are a fan of the Ezio and company franchise. Unfortunately, it did not work as its authors would have liked at the box office.

Resident Evil

Paul WS Anderson was talented enough to create a unique Resident Evil universe capable of evolving into its own mythology. A good example of movie conversions from video games with their own approach, as is the case with other adaptations that come from literature, television or comics.


Sonic, Sega’s mythical character, starred in an extraordinarily fresh film in 2020 , with his own story to tell without looking at the small screen and with a cast of characters that worked. Only the controversy over the (horrific) design of the porcupine itself tarnished a film that satisfied video game fans, while attracting younger audiences (and their parents) who wanted to have a fun time. Unfortunately, the pandemic nipped its progress at the box office in the bud since a few weeks after its release, confinement measures came into force practically everywhere in the world.

Have you seen them all? Which one did you like the most?