5 mistakes to avoid when buying an electric car

It is often said that buying a car is the worst possible investment, and when it comes to electric, it remains to be seen. This is by the time our car is registered and has put a wheel out of the dealership it has already lost value. And it will continue to lose over time. After a year he would have already lost 16%. That according to the Treasury, because reality is sometimes crueler. And in the case of electric cars, the depreciation is even greater. That is why it is important that you do not make mistakes when getting one.

5 mistakes to avoid when buying an electric car

Buying an electric car is an important decision

Buying a new car is, without a doubt, one of the most important decisions we can make in life. When it comes to choosing a vehicle, there are several questions that we must ask ourselves: the money we are willing to spend, the time we will invest, choosing the one that best suits our needs…

In short, factors to take into account that if you do not manage them well can lead you to make mistakes that you do not want to happen when buying a car, also an electric one. Because driving an electric vehicle requires a change in driving habits, and with more and more people switching from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, there’s a good chance they’ll make some common mistakes.

What to avoid

In the case of electric cars, it is really easy to make a mistake when buying them, since, being a relatively new technology, there are certain parameters that users do not fully understand and also a lot of ignorance about these vehicles.

To this we must add that electric cars are not exactly cheap and that, in addition, they have certain peculiarities that we must take into account when buying them.

Ignore economic incentives (Plan Moves)

This is something fundamental, hence we see it in the first place. We are referring to the aid of the Moves III Plan, which will be available until 2023. Thanks to this measure you can get an electric vehicle and save money on the purchase.

Adding the incentives of the Moves Plan and the additional discounts from the manufacturers, it is possible to access discounts of up to 8,000 euros in an electrified car (also hybrid or plug-in hybrid).

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The Moves III Plan can be requested by individuals, self-employed professionals, natural persons, private companies, local entities and public entities that are linked to them. As main requirements, the vehicle must have a price of less than 45,000 euros and at least have 30 kilometers of autonomy in electric mode.

Don’t take their autonomy literally

Autonomy is a key point if you are going to buy one of these cars, and also one of the aspects in which you can make the most mistakes. Therefore, the best advice in this regard is that you do not take the autonomy announced by the manufacturer literally, since it is designed for moderate climatic conditions.

In fact, on occasions of extreme cold or heat, the battery can end up suffering and you will not be able to drive so many kilometers without recharging. Of course, these drawbacks are more common in small and light models , and there are also electric cars that are designed to withstand cold or very hot climates.

Electric motor power

The power of the engine of an electric car is like that of a vehicle with a thermal engine, which determines the drag acceleration capacity , but also affects the efficiency of regenerative braking.

The higher the engine power, the more capacity your electric car will have to charge the battery when you release the accelerator, brake or, for example, go down a mountain road just letting the car fall due to its own inertia.

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Do not forget to know your energy consumption

The efficiency of an electric car is given by many factors, but when buying what you have to look at is the energy consumption, measured in kWh/100 km.

The lower the value, the more kilometers the car will be able to do for the same amount of energy stored in the battery. So don’t forget to pay attention to this fact, but also keep in mind that there are electric cars with 800 V architecture, which is much more efficient than those with 400 V architecture.

charging points

That is one of the aspects that must be studied before buying any electric car. It may be that we live in an area where there is a shortage of charging points , which can cause us some other problem.

We must bear in mind that, if we leave big cities, there are provinces where it is difficult to find charging stations and especially those that are really worth it for their speed . If we have a charger at home, as would be normal, it will be easier to manage autonomy if there is a shortage of charging points.