5 keys to sell an iPhone without losing money

The arrival of the iPhone 13 and the drop in price of versions of previous generations is tempting many users to sell their “old” iPhone to get a new one. If you are thinking of selling yours, whether or not that is your motivation, pay attention to what we tell you because there are 5 tips with which to try to sell the device at the best price.

5 keys to sell an iPhone without losing money

Always prioritize selling to people

There are many stores that give you money for your iPhone and they are probably not a bad option either. They are interesting because you can sell it instantly, safely and with the money practically instantly. Although if you are not in a hurry , our advice is that you always try to sell between individuals, since as a general rule you usually get more money.

It is recommended in this sense that you use all possible routes. That you announce it on your social networks, to your friends and family through messaging apps and in specialized apps such as Vibbo or Wallapop. Of course, try to ensure that they all have the same information and above all the same price so as not to generate mistrust.

Take a good look at your competition

That the iPhone are very popular phones is positive for the sale because there will always be interested buyers, but it is also a problem in the face of many other people will be selling theirs. That is why it is important that, before doing anything, you look at what kind of phones are being sold and at what prices.

Ideally, you should set a competitive price that is lower than the average, but not too much. That way you will be more attractive to buyers and you will not be giving the phone away either. How much you should lower it is something that you already have to calculate, but first and taking as an example that they are selling at 500 euros, we believe that putting it at 450-475 euros is enough. Always try to be round figures .

Stand your ground against haggling

Nobody wants to pay more and can pay less. But neither prospective buyers nor ourselves when we are in that situation. It is understandable that someone wants to renegotiate the price, but if you really have no urgency to sell it, we advise you to set an immovable position.

There are very heavy buyers, we know. And they will try to haggle you even if you tell them no fifty times. The latter, discard them entirely because they seem to give little sign of finally being the buyers.

Sell your iPhone well to the buyer

In line with the above, if your iPhone is in good condition and you think that the price you have set is fair, do not prove otherwise. And even if the device has a scratch or the like, take sicerity by flag and do not hide the damage.

Make sure the device is worth its price, add attractive photos in which it looks good and try to give as much data as possible if asked. Of course, always related to the device, avoiding giving more sensitive data related to yourself or payment methods.

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If it smells like a scam, be suspicious

The eternal doubt of buying and selling online. “Are they trying to scam me?” It is not easy to detect and although in the article to which we link in the first section we have some advice, in the end the fundamental one is to use common sense.

If they are asking you for bank details, want you to send them the device first, the language they use is unnatural or they urge you to send it ahead of time, run away. It’s best to prioritize selling in person both to build buyer confidence and to ensure yourself that the person buying the device pays you on the spot.