5 franchises that Nintendo has forgotten

5 franchises that Nintendo has forgotten

How much the prophecy that from time to time, a Nintendo console breaks molds and sells hundreds of millions. The Switch, against all odds, is one of them. But are there any successful Nintendo IPs that we haven’t seen on Switch yet ? Let’s review those games that have not yet gone through the Nintendo hybrid and that we miss a lot.



My sister and I insisted for many years to our parents to have a pet. However, the most we get is that they give her the Nintendogs . And, we soon understood that this game had to be shared. Would Nintendo DS have come to sell such a huge number of consoles if not for Nintendogs ?

Within 5 days of its release, Nintendogs had sold 25 million copies. In addition, he did it with a very similar strategy to Pokémon —it is clear that Miyamoto was one of the creators— with 3 editions for Japan and the United States and 4 for Europe. Its sequel with cats may not have been as successful on 3DS, but it is inexplicable that the Big N has not squeezed this franchise for Switch again, although it is true that there are alternatives from other studios. Nintendo, do it for the children who will only be able to have a pet virtually. We beg you.


We know. Wii Fit ‘s spiritual successor is Ring Fit Adventure . But, the concept is so different, that there may still be room for a ‘Switch Fit’. Leaving aside the balance tests and that of putting age to your physical state in the purest Doctor Kawashima magufo style, Wii Fit ‘s yoga and toning exercises were serious and demanding. Bringing back the Wii Balance Board or a slightly more modern and advanced accessory would not be bad at all. We shouldn’t rule it out either considering that Nintendo has finally decided to continue Wii Sports .

Golden Sun and Mario & Luigi RPG

golden sun

Nintendo has been mistreating a genre for many years now: the JRPG . The video games of the Mario & Luigi saga ended up dying. Paper Mario ceased to be Paper Mario after the second installment, where the role and combat went into the background and the foundations of what the saga was were forgotten. Pokémon no longer offers a challenge even to young children. And Golden Sun has been forgotten for many years .

Both Paper Mario and Golden Sun were the two gateways to JRPGs with turn-based combat. As Eric from Leyendas y Videojuegos says, “what you play when you’re 10 years old conditions you for the rest of your life.” It won’t do any good for Nintendo to have that nice partnership with Square Enix ( Octopath Traveler , Triangle Strategy , Live A Live …) if they don’t release quality games of the same genre and for that child audience that will end up consuming those more advanced titles in the future.


One day, a development that was meant for you ends up becoming the first Mario Kart. Soon after, people start to show interest in the new guy. And, when you least expect it, you are in the cardboard box of toys that Andy is going to donate.

Knowing that Nintendo isn’t going to develop a new Mario Kart for Switch, wouldn’t that be the perfect opportunity to try again with F-Zero ? Or have they already regretted stealing the gravity mechanic from this game to add it to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ?