The 5 Details of the New iMac 2021 that Will Surprise You the Most

The rumors finally stopped and it culminated with a brand new 24-inch iMac renewed on the outside and inside. Aesthetically perhaps not as many expected, although we will have to wait for the large model that will arrive this year. In any case, there are certain details of this new Apple computer that perhaps went a bit more unnoticed, totally normal in an event that was frantic, so in this article we collect some of them while we remember that this new equipment will be available for reservations on April 30.

5 Details of the New iMac 2021

The interesting news of the iMac 2021

Unfortunately we can’t talk about the experience of using the new iMac yet. All we know are raw specifications on the paper and information given by Apple itself, either at the event held yesterday or on its website. However, it seems enough to perceive some really interesting changes with respect to the 21.5-inch model that was the standard until yesterday.

1. Colors not available in all versions

Up to 7 colors this new iMac is available, possibly being its most relevant hallmark in sight. Blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange and purple will be the ones that some of your buyers will have to choose. And yes, we say some because these colors will not be available in all versions. In the most basic with 7-core GPU and standard Magic Keyboard it will “only” be available in blue, green, pink and silver. Not bad the palette still, but it should be taken into account.

iMac 24 inch 2021 box

2. External power supply!

When the first renders of these iMac appeared months ago, many of us wondered how Apple would reduce the thickness of the device if they wanted to integrate the source into it. Now we know that its power supply is external and apparently it looks the same as a MacBook transformer, which not only saves space in the body of the terminal, but will also allow easier repairs of this element. A highlight is the possibility of having a version of this source with an ethernet cable, another method of saving space in the body of the computer that Apple pulled out of its sleeve.

24 inch imac power supply

3. Cheaper than its predecessor with Intel

Based on the good performance of the M1 chip, something that we have already seen in the latest Apple laptops and in the Mac mini, we can assume that this is a high-end processor. It may still not be comparable to the most powerful Intel, but not by much. Taking this into account we can see that the iMac have lowered their price compared to the Intel and although its basic version is more expensive, in the end it is giving better general specifications than in the past in the 21.5-inch model.

new iMac prices

4. Its presentation was the same as the iMac G3

Apple’s keynote was loaded with nods to its own past, from the “Hello” with which they introduced the event to other details. The way they presented the new iMac was powerfully reminiscent of how they did it with the classic iMac G3. Not only did it recover the daring aesthetics with this new range of colors, but many of the planes used were nailed to those that were once used for that mythical G3. Don’t you believe us? Well, watch these two videos carefully.

5. Magic Keyboard on its stand?

In another clear nod from Apple to its own history, we can see that the part of the iMac base that connects to the screen has a hinge identical to the first generation Magic Keyboard. Obviously this is not a casual detail, since Apple’s determination in this type of thing is always premeditated and for fans of the brand it will be something that does not go unnoticed.