5 Best websites to open multiple links at the same time

You may have seen yourself in the situation of needing to open multiple links at the same time , what do you do? Do you open tabs and type or copy and paste the URL one at a time? Today we have a much better solution. There are a wide variety of websites that take care of this task to simplify the process and save you time.

5 Best websites to open multiple links at the same time

There are many websites that can open many URLs simultaneously . Below you will find a selection of some of the best.

Before you take the plunge to use any of these tools, we have two preliminary warnings. The first is that you should disable pop-up blockers in the browser you are going to use. The second, that you do not abuse the number of simultaneous links that you intend to open, or you will slow down and even freeze your PC .

Website Planet

Within the Website Planet website there is a wide variety of online tools such as image format converter, link shortener and of course, the topic we are dealing with today: a completely web-based tool to open multiple links at the same time and improve productivity.



It is 100% free and compatible with all major browsers as long as they support JavaScript (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Midori). You can manually enter the URLs or copy and paste them into the text box and with just one mouse click, all the URLs will open in separate tabs.


In a similar way to the previous one, this website specialized in SEO or search engine optimization has a tool to open a complete list of URLs simultaneously.



You can manually type each web address and hit enter or paste a full list of URLs and hit the green button to open them all at once.

Web WTools

Wtools is a website that compiles the best web tools so that you can find in one place all kinds of features that make life easier on the Internet and cover all kinds of needs.



Within the “Generator” section of the left side menu (or following the direct link that we have shared with you) you will find “URLs opener”, its tool for opening different websites simultaneously. In this case, you will have to add each of the addresses individually, by typing or pasting, and you will need to press Enter to move on to the next one, so, although its interface is more elegant, you may lose a few seconds compared to others.

Open Multiple URLs

Open Multiple URL is a very easy to use and free tool, with nothing more than going to the web and clicking the green “Go Now” button.



You can open 20-25 URLs at a time with a single click. Simply copy and paste the URLs into the text area. Each website link or URL must be on a separate line.

Open All URLs

This website has other series of tools to convert PDF online, compress MP4 video, resize Instagram video, increase MP3 volume, calculate website value or compress images.



Of course, it also allows you to simultaneously and massively open a series of web links, in a way that is practically traced to the previous ones with a text box where you can place one of the websites you want to open on each line.