5 awesome Pokémon mods you need to know about

5 awesome Pokémon mods you need to know about

They say that “if the mountain does not come to Muhammad, Muhammad will go to the mountain.” And something like that happens with staunch Pokémon fans, who, bored of playing the insults of Pokémon titles, end up visiting the dark side of fangames. And it is that the games created by the community give us just what we players want. Goodbye tutorials, off to silly dialogue, and hello fun. In return, you will not have such a well finished game – well, looking at the latest Game Freak releases, we cannot say that either – but you will be able to feel again what you lived as a child with these games. If the dream of your life is for Game Freak to listen to you once, forget about it and take a look at these five great games created by fans that we are going to show you today.

Opal Pokémon

pokemon opalo

It is ugly of us to recommend a game that is not finished, but … without a doubt, this edition of Eric Lostie is a masterpiece. Development is at 90% and the final version should be published by the end of this month. It is a game with two regions , three difficulty modes , 8 Pokémon generations , regional forms, mega evolutions, and Battlefront . As if that were not enough, it is a Spanish development and is prepared by a person who even gives courses on how to develop Pokémon games. You can play on PC and Android. When the final version arrives, you will simply have to update your rom, without losing the game. It is without a doubt one of the best hack roms you can play today.

Pokemon Crystal Clear

It is a modification of Pokémon Crystal that offers an open world experience . If Sword and Shield left you totally indifferent, you have to play this game. Difficulty, gyms and the two regions are combined so that you can start playing from wherever you like. The game adapts itself, despite being based on a Game Boy Color rom.

Pokémon Glazed

pokemon glazed

Two regions, completely unique and original maps and a quite adult story in which the world of Pokémon and ours are going to collide. Our mission will be to prevent it, although along the way we will find all kinds of impediments. We will be able to access six generations of Pokémon, make moves out of combat and play with the current metagame .

Pokémon Light Platinum

In addition to having a spectacular story, this Game Boy Advance graphics rom features Pokémon from the first to the fourth generation. It has two regions completely designed from scratch : Zheri and Floasun. In addition, you can visit specific places in Johto and Sinnoh, as well as access a postgame where we can face different champions of the league from other games.

Pokémon Gaia

pokemon gaia

We finish this quick review with this title in which we will travel through Orbtus, a region whose history has been marked by earthquakes. One day, Professor Redwood begins to detect unusual seismic activity . It will be you along with your rival in charge of discovering the origin and avoiding disaster. In the game you can access Pokémon from six generations , an updated metagame with mega stones and the return of mythical details such as the Pokémon Gold and Silver bug contest.