The 5 Android launchers that are better than EMUI

5 Android launchers that are better than EMUI

One of the strengths that we find in every Android mobile device is the customization that they offer us. However, it may be that after a while the launcher that comes by default on your Huawei, EMUI launcher , you have fallen short in terms of all the settings that you need to change to adapt your smartphone more to your needs.

Luckily, we can find some of the best options that will serve as a permanent replacement forever. And it is that we will be able to achieve greater customization, as well as the simple fact of increasing the number of functionalities that we will have at our fingertips with the mobile phone. We could even achieve a better optimization of the smartphone with respect to the launcher that comes by default on Huawei mobile devices.

5 options to change the EMUI launcher

So that you can give your Huawei a makeover and say goodbye, for now, to its launcher that comes by default, here we bring you five best launchers so you can install them on your mobile device. Some probably already sound familiar to you, and although others are more recent, with the passage of time they have been gaining fame among users.


The most popular is Nova Launcher

There is no doubt that this option is the most downloaded by Android users, as can be seen reflected in the number of downloads it has achieved since its launch in 2014. And no wonder, as it allows us all kinds of configuration , from the simple fact of modifying icons, text fonts or its own dark mode, as well as its frequent updates that will allow us to enjoy the most recent features of the Google operating system .

For this reason, this option will become the best asset for those users who can no longer update the software of their terminals. In this way, they will be able to keep their smartphone practically up to date in terms of functionalities and new features.

Action Launcher, the second most loved option

This alternative to leave EMUI aside will also be a good option, and not only because of its popularity, but because it will allow us to customize practically everything. In addition, we will have the possibility to modify both the aesthetic appearance of our phone and the different functions. And it has exclusive functions such as Quicktheme, which will help us to apply a theme to the system interface based on the colors of the wallpaper, the Covers, a perfect substitute for the folders on our smartphone, or the blinds.

The last to arrive, Hyperion Launcher

It is one of the newcomers, but despite this factor, we will manage to have endless functions such as the possibility of changing the animations of our Android mobile device, support for gestures or even the functionality that will make us get any element of the The touch panel of the terminal can be customized, be it the home screen, the app drawer, among other components.

Hyperion Launcher

Smart Launcher 5, a lightweight launcher

This alternative will be ideal for those users who see that their smartphone has few resources, more than anything because we are facing a fairly light and light launcher that will easily adapt to our Huawei mobile. In addition, it differs from the rest not only by its appearance, but also because the code is not based on AOSP , like the rest. In this case, we are facing an option that will automatically classify the application drawer in different categories.

And also, we will only have at our disposal the possibility of having a single panel for icons, another for widgets and a last one for news. For this reason, it becomes a good alternative for smartphones that have fewer resources .

The interesting Flick Launcher option

This is another of the launchers that will open the doors to the world of customization, almost without setting limits. The curious thing about this alternative is that it will remind us of the interface that the Google Pixels have . Regarding the configuration, this option will give us the possibility to adjust each corner of its interface, such as the search bar, icons or notifications.

And not only this, but we can customize the app drawer of our terminal to the millimeter, from the size to the color of the text, as well as the duration of the animation of the drawer when it is opened. Although these are some of the few advantages that this launcher can offer us when we install it on our Android phone.