4 ways to send photos by WhatsApp in maximum quality without compression

Although it is something very comfortable and practical, one of the problems with sending images by WhatsApp is that they go through a compression process and this can directly affect the image quality that the recipient receives. It is useless to have a mobile with an exceptional camera if when you share your camera it will seem that you have done it with the worst low-end on the market.

Luckily, “great evils, great remedies” and there are a number of alternatives to share photos on WhatsApp avoiding the loss of quality due to compression.

4 ways to send photos by WhatsApp in maximum quality

Using Google Drive or iCloud

One of the easiest ways, especially on Android phones with the great synchronization that exists between Google services, is to use Google Drive. As you know, Google Drive is the technology giant’s cloud storage space and, basically, what we have to do is upload the original photo there and send a link to the file instead of directly sending the image to the other person.

As for iOS devices, while they can also do the same on Google Drive, they may prefer the convenience of uploading to iCloud and selecting “get share link.”

Send the image as a WhatsApp document

The almond trick without leaving the application itself is to send the photo but not in the traditional way as an image, but as if it were another document . In the same way that we can examine our device to locate, for example, a PDF to share, once we have entered the file manager, we will see all available to select.

In case the photo in question does not appear among the eligible files, if you cannot find the image, click on “Search other documents”, option available in the header. When you find the image by either method, select it and click the submit button.

Send a zip file or compressed folder

Another popular way to ensure that your images maintain high quality when you send them on WhatsApp is to compress them into a zip file . This method is best, especially if you are sending multiple images. It also helps to preserve the quality of the image while you transfer it and this is how you do it.

Use a file manager or any third-party compression application, go to WhatsApp and, as in the previous option, in the sending of documents select the zip folder. The recipient of the zipped folder will need a file explorer or zip/unzip app to extract the contents of the folder.

Especially if the person who receives the folder has WhatsApp Web or a PC client activated, downloading the file and decompressing it with WinRar, WinZip or derivatives will be a breeze.

Rename image

Another easy way to send high-quality images on WhatsApp is to trick the app and rename the extensions of the image files. These are the steps to follow:

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  • Find the image you want to send to the file manager
  • Select and rename image from JPEG or PNG to PDF or Doc
  • In WhatsApp, just send the renamed files using the document option
  • Ask the recipient of the image to rename the document or PDF back to its original as a JPEG or PNG.

Renaming images or file extensions always works with WhatsApp because WhatsApp cannot recognize it as an image and therefore sends it without compression.

In the future… from the WhatsApp app itself

As WABetaInfo has revealed , some beta users of Android version are already testing a new feature of the official application of the Meta messaging service. This feature will allow users to select the original quality when sending a photo via WhatsApp. At the moment we only have this information extracted from the test versions, without knowing when it will arrive definitively in an update of the WhatsApp application .

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📝 WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?

WhatsApp is working on sending photos in their original quality, for a future update of the app!

https://t.co/loR2jZPaSP https://t.co/3ry6GKuS1P

January 20, 2023 • 01:30



As you can see, soon in the menu for editing an image, before proceeding to send it, the possibility of selecting between different image qualities will appear, including the original from the source.