These 4 ways let you install Windows 11, even if Microsoft says you can't

Since the end of 2021, Windows 11 has landed in our lives. However, not all users have been able to update their computers to this latest version of Microsoft‘s operating system as they do not meet the necessary requirements to do so.

However, for all those who have not been able to install Windows 11 on their PC because Microsoft makes it clear that they cannot, the truth is that there are 4 proven methods with which you can get this version of the operating system installed on computers that are not compatible.

These 4 ways let you install Windows 11

With an installation USB

The first method of the four we have is to create an installation USB . To do this, we must go to the official Microsoft website and go to the Download Windows 11 disk image (ISO) tab. More than anything, because we have to mount the ISO image on the USB flash drive. After this, follow these steps:

  • View the location where the ISO file has been saved.
  • Right click and click on Properties.
  • Now go to General and tap on ‘change…’.
  • Then, click on Windows Explorer on the ‘opens with’ option and tap on Apply.
  • Now right click and choose Mount.
  • Once the virtual boot disk is created, double click to see the files there and tap on ‘setup.exe’ to start the installation.

ISO Windows 11

From the Windows 11 Dev Channel

Although the deadline to sign up for the Dev Channel closed a few months ago, there is still a chance to receive the Windows 11 Developer Channel Build to get this version installed on your PC. Although before, we will have to go to Settings> Windows Update> Windows Insider Program> Get started. When we register the PC in the program, we will have to make the computer compatible with the Dev channel to get Windows 11:

  • At the beginning, we type Regedit to access the registry editor.
  • Inside it, we follow this route: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsSelfHostApplicability
  • Then we change BranchName to Dev.
  • Then, in the key text that puts ContentType we put Mainline and the Ring key to External.
  • Next, it will be time to restart the computer.

Dev Channel Script

If the previous option has not worked for you, we also find the alternative of using a script to access the Windows Dev channel and thus be able to install the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. Therefore, when we install the Windows OfflineInsiderEnroll script , we will already be part of said channel and we will be able to update the operating system.


Compatibility file

The last method we can use will be replacing the Appraiserres.dll file with which Microsoft manages to check compatibility. To do this, we will have to download the Windows 11 and Windows 10 ISO file. More than anything, because we will replace this file between these versions.

Once we have the Windows 10 ISO files, we will need to find the appraiserres.dll file and change the name to appraiserres1.dll . Now, copy that file and paste it on the desktop. Next, run the ‘setup.exe’ file. Then, with the Windows 11 ISO files, we will have to go to its folder and look for the appraiserres.dll file again and add the ‘1’, just like we did before. Lastly, replace it and run the setup file.

If it doesn’t work for you, you can try downloading the Windows 11 ISO and looking for the Appraiserres.dll file in the sources folder. Now, disable WiFi and delete the . Finally, run the installation.