4 tips to prevent your SIM card from being hacked

One of the most valuable elements of our smartphone is the SIM card, which is increasingly used as a security measure. Two-factor authentication offers us the peace of mind that only we will be able to access a service, since this chip offers us a unique number. This has caused them to become the target of hackers for everything they host.

In order not to be surprised on our telephone bill or even on the bank card, since it is linked to our telephone number, we have to bear in mind the security measures. A series of tips that we should never ignore, because at the most unexpected moment we can be surprised that our phone number has ceased to belong to us and there is someone who benefits from it.

4 tips to prevent your SIM card from being hacked

Security measures for the SIM

To achieve that desired security, we have to keep some things in mind, possibly some of them you already know, but you should not lose sight of them. Hacker attacks on phone cards are the order of the day and new data is constantly known that alarms us.

Always use PIN

Although it can be annoying having to enter the 4-digit number every time we restart the mobile, it is a very useful measure. In the event that the card is lost, it will be more difficult to get hold of the phone number. If in our case we do not have the PIN activated, we just have to enter the Settings> Security> SIM card lock section in Android or iOS to start it.

pin tarjeta sim movil

In the case of iPhones, the process is slightly different, having to enter Settings> Mobile data> SIM PIN. When we are going to enter the security number, we must bear in mind that the neutral used must not be easily accessible and therefore it should not be a date of birth or many people could find out.

Be careful with SPAM

Whether we receive a message via SMS or if you send us an email, we must be very careful. One of the aspects that it tries to find out to carry out the hacks is information that compromises our SIM card to later request a duplicate. That is why we must not click on anything that we have not requested and we must always take mistrust ahead.

Don’t share safety messages

As we mentioned before, two-factor authentication based on our phone number is becoming more and more common. This media is very secure, although if we do not follow all the privacy rules and share the number with another person we will make a mistake. Although they ask us in total confidence for the number we have received by SMS, we must not trust anyone or we could run into an attack on the SIM that leaves us without money or without a number.

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Be careful with lending your mobile

Among friends and acquaintances it is very common to leave them the mobile to see a photo or consult something in the search engine, however we must always bear in mind the risk that this entails. For people in whom we do not have much confidence, we should not leave the mobile alone or they could extract it in just a few seconds and carry out a copy of the SIM that does not end up causing a serious problem.