4 surveillance cameras that you can use with Alexa

In recent years, home automation and security systems have starred in a small revolution that has made them accessible to all users and pockets, since a specific protection plan is not necessary to have constant updates on everything that happens in our House. And both wireless connections and mobile phones with their apps have been the trigger for this fever for the connected home.

4 surveillance cameras that you can use with Alexa

Make sure there is something left

As we say, until recently, having a small closed circuit TV was an important investment of money and resources that we had to leave in the hands of specialized companies, but now this is no longer the case. It is possible to install an army of eyes looking at every corner of the house in real time, without too much cost and active and vigilant even if we are on the other side of the world: you just have to pick up your mobile, ask Alexa to show us the camera image of the living room (for example) and instantly have a perspective of what is happening.

Alexa, precisely, has also served to greatly simplify things, so if you are looking for a camera to have eyes in some part of your house, nothing better than opting for a model compatible with Amazon’s virtual assistant , so that it is him the one that practically centralizes any function that from that moment on we can perform through voice. Almost without touching the smartphone screen.

Google Nest Cam

Google joins the club

But today we bring here a very special guest, as it is one of the Google Nest Cam models. And you will wonder why we have put the enemy in Alexa’s house, but there is a very simple explanation: those from Mountain View have updated the firmware of their devices so that they can work without problems with Amazon’s virtual assistant.

So any model that you have available on the market for sale will help you control all activity with your voice, and it doesn’t matter if you buy it in the official Google store, on Amazon or in a large area.

4 cameras compatible with Alexa

With this excuse, we wanted to choose four models available in 2022 with the mandatory condition that they be Alexa-compatible security cameras. And on top of that, they have the virtue of offering a very affordable price (each in its category) disputing the throne of quality-price in its own right. And they are these.

Google Nest Cam

Google Nest Cam.

Designed for indoors, with HD image quality (720p), two-way audio, it also boasts night vision and continuous recording of up to 3 hours. Although the premium plan includes 60 days of automatic movement saving. You can take it out of the box with an adjustable base that allows you to use it both on a table and on a wall. Very, very versatile.

CAP C100

Tapo camera.

Although it is a model that has been behind it for some time, we bring it here because it is a solution that has proven its effectiveness in thousands of homes around the world. It is capable of detecting movements, recording at 1080p, saving clips on an SD card or uploading them to the cloud (subscription required), it has night vision, two-way audio and it is also possible to place it on both a horizontal and vertical surface to monitor large areas of a garden, an entrance or a room in the house. And its price, as you can see, is captivating.

YI Surveillance Camera

YI Camera.

This model captures images with Full HD 1080p resolution, has a night vision option, saves motion clips on an SD card or in the manufacturer’s cloud (subscription required), boasts two-way audio to listen or be heard and, above all, Everything stands out for its design, which offers an adjustable support that allows us to tilt the camera at various angles, depending on the area of the house that we want to monitor. And it goes without saying that it is compatible with Alexa. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here…


Akaso camera.

Finally, we bring you a model that is very focused on its placement on walls, to cover large surveillance areas , but that is quite far (for good) from the prices that this type of camera usually has. Ready to work outdoors, it captures images with Full HD 1080p resolution, it has night vision, recording of clips on SD card or in the cloud (subscription required), two-way audio and includes a robust support that will keep it well attached to the wall.