4 signs that your Windows is infected

Sometimes we doubt whether we have a virus or not. We noticed something wrong with the computer, but we don’t know if it could be malware or something else. For this reason, in this article we are going to talk about 4 common signs that indicate that Windows has been infected by some threat. So we can take action as soon as possible and get it working well again.

Detect if they have infected your Windows

4 signs that your Windows is infected

Although you can be infected without there being any apparent signs and it is more difficult to detect it, on many occasions you will come across certain problems or malfunctions that indicate that you may have a virus. There are some clear signs , like the ones we are going to see next.

Runs slow and buggy

The first, the one that in most cases makes us suspect, is that it starts to malfunction or errors appear. For example, Windows takes a long time to turn on, some applications suddenly start to go very wrong or there are continuous failures, such as the computer suddenly turning off or programs stopping working.

All this can indicate that we may have a virus or variety of malware that is affecting the system. It can affect something in particular, such as the browser, or in general all of Windows and slow down the computer and any software that we have installed.

Unknown programs have appeared

You may also see strange icons or installed apps that you don’t recognize. It may even be browser plug-ins that you haven’t added, or plug-ins for other programs. This undoubtedly indicates that something is wrong and that our system may be infected by some malware.

Sometimes this is very visible, such as finding strange icons on the desktop, but on other occasions you will have to go to the control panel, enter Applications and there detect programs that you have not installed and that may be suspicious.

Antivirus disabled or has disappeared

Some varieties of malware have as their main mission to disable the antivirus . In this way they can have a free pass for a hacker among other Trojans or viruses and thus be able to control the computer and steal data or passwords. Therefore, if we suddenly see that the antivirus is deactivated or has directly disappeared, it is undoubtedly something that can indicate that Windows is infected.

This can also happen with the firewall or any other security application that we have installed. Attackers can go straight to disabling this type of software and have an easier time acting undetected.

El malware podría engañar al antivirus

Excessive use of the network and system

In this case you can go to Windows Task Manager. There you will see network and system usage . If it detects something unusual, such as a process that is consuming too many resources, it could be malware. In this case, a clear example is cryptocurrency miners.

But something similar also happens if you see that there is a lot of use of the Internet and it should not. If you don’t have any applications that consume data or you’re not browsing at the moment, it may be a clear sign that you have a Trojan horse and it’s constantly sending and receiving information.

Therefore, these signs may indicate that Windows is infected. It is very important to protect Windows from ransomware or any threat that may arrive by mail, when browsing or installing any application.