4 reasons why the iPhone 14 has not succeeded

Sales of the new iPhone 14 have not been as expected by Apple, in fact, far from succeeding , it has become a great failure for the brand. There are several factors that have made this the case, such as the price change or the large differences with respect to the Pro model.

I analyze the main reasons why the results have not been good for this new high-end smartphone from Apple.

4 reasons why the iPhone 14 has not succeeded

big price hike

The price increase is one of the factors that has caused the new iPhone 14 to not have succeeded , since it has risen considerably compared to what was expected. Many users, before the launch of the new model, have opted to buy other phones, such as a previous iPhone 13 that had reduced its price in previous weeks or the Pro versions that are much better.

dinero precio iphone 14

The official price of the iPhone 14 starts at 1,009 euros , which is quite a lot considering the current times and does not bring any significant improvement that justifies it. With inflation and other economic reasons, many people’s purchasing power is lower this year. The previous most basic iPhones started at 809 euros , more accessible for users who wanted to upgrade to the latest model.

If you want this iPhone with 512 GB, you will have to shell out no less than 1,399 euros , unless you take advantage of a good offer when there is one. There are many who consider that it is not worth it.

They continue with the same processor

There are many users who have rejected that a next-generation model maintains the same chip as the brand’s previous models, even the cheap third-generation iPhone SE.

Only the Pro models have been updated, as the basic ones continue with A15 Bionic with a slight improvement over its predecessors.

few changes

We haven’t seen any major new changes to the new model that have made it a good buy, making it a huge disappointment. This has meant that potential buyers who were waiting for the big launch did not update, opting for a previous model, for one of the iPhone 14 Pro or mobile phones from other brands.

The iPhone 14 have not been able to innovate , since they maintain the A15 Bionic chip, arrive with an iOS 16 that other previous models of the brand already have and receive only a small improvement in the camera and minor changes.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

In fact, one of its drawbacks is that an hour of autonomy is reduced compared to the previous model.

It could only be worth it for those who had older iPhones like the iPhone 11, but in any case, the iPhone 13 is cheaper, it still has many updates ahead and there are no big differences. For that price, you can even get an iPhone 13 Pro.

Only Pro models get better

Only the Pro models have big changes , therefore, they have been the most demanded by users who wanted to get the new iPhone. These arrive with a better 48 MP camera, the new A16 Bionic chip, Dynamic Island and other improvements of a higher level than previous iPhones.

The latter, in turn, have had distribution problems that have caused users to wait for their new iPhone, some still without success, or have decided to opt for another model. The fact that given the shortage of iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max units, users have not opted for the most basic one already says a lot in itself.