4 Reasons to Ditch Kodi and Use Another Media Player

Everything related to the multimedia world on our computers is the order of the day in these times. This is something that extends both to the world of software and hardware. In fact, most of us have programs like Kodi, VLC or Media Player Classic on our computers, or other similar proposals.

The truth is that computers and their components are more powerful than ever. This allows us to work with videos, photos or music as we could not do before, even in high definition. But here it is not only a matter of these hardware components that we are talking about, but the software also has a lot to say. In fact, here we are going to focus on these multimedia players that many of you use on a regular basis.

4 Reasons to Ditch Kodi

And it is that they are of enormous use to us both in corporate use environments, as well as for moments of leisure and tranquility at home. At this point it should be mentioned that one of the most common proposals of this type is Kodi . Well, as I’m sure many of you already know, this is really a powerful multimedia center that we can use on multiple operating systems and devices . It is very versatile both for videos, as well as for playing music, television channels, photos, music videos, streaming, etc.

In addition to all the functions that we find here by default, we must add the possibility of adding add-ons or complements. These are responsible for increasing the functions of Kodi even more, either with their own or third-party developments. But despite the popularity of this program, it is not always the most interesting proposition for everyone, these are the reasons.

High consumption of Kodi resources

It is true that the Kodi multimedia center is very powerful and we could even say that it is spectacular. But of course, all this is paid, something especially evident in older or less powerful equipment. Therefore, in these cases, playing videos in high definition, for example, can become more of an ordeal than anything else. Therefore, those with limited PCs may prefer to use a lighter player.

Kodi security is not always what you want

Many users install the add-ons that we talked about before, but of doubtful origin. These can become a focus of vulnerabilities and attacks if we are not aware of their potential disappearance. And it is that when their developers leave them, they can take control of these cybercriminals that endanger the data of the rest of the team.

Therefore, if we do not know how to handle the external add-ons that we find on the Internet for Kodi, it is better to either discard them or use another program.

Addons de Kodi

Confusing interface in the first sessions

Many of the programs that we use to play videos or music are very similar in terms of how they work and interface, but Kodi is different. This is why for beginners using this software can be a bit confusing, even for the most basic tasks. Hence, for these it is not always the best choice, since there are other proposals much easier to use.

Very complete and complex configuration

And to finish we will tell you that this is a software full of customizable parameters that we can adjust. Many of them are difficult to access or added through plugins . Therefore, those who seek the reproduction of videos and music without further complications, should consider using another alternative in the sector.