4 programs to use the Raspberry Pi to program

For a few years now, the well-known board or mini PC, Raspberry Pi, has been spreading around the world. And it is that there are several characteristics that perfectly define this device, starting with its low price and continuing with all the functionality that it is capable of offering us.

There are many users who use this Raspberry Pi that we will tell you to take advantage of their leisure time. This is due to the multiple emulators that we can install on small equipment and enjoy our games of yesteryear. At the same time it is a perfect product to install the entire operating system that is most compatible, most of them, and thus experiment with them. In fact, it can be perfectly converted into a second PC in which we install our favorite applications and use it in an almost conventional way.

4 programs to use the Raspberry Pi to program

Over the years we have even come across certain projects related to robotics. It is these that this team has been involved in a very active way. From all this we can deduce that thanks to a Raspberry Pi a huge range of possibilities opens up, we just have to use a little imagination and creativity. Largely thanks to the operating systems that we can install here, this equipment can also be of great help to us when it comes to expanding our knowledge in software development.

Actually, we want to say that here we can install a series of utilities and applications related to programming , as we will see later.

Interesting applications to program on Raspberry Pi

We have already told you that, if we are going to work with a Raspberry Pi, we have a wide variety of software at our disposal. In fact, this refers to all kinds of sectors and modes of use that we can take advantage of this small board. If we focus on the software development sector, we have several very interesting and useful titles that we can choose.

Therefore, it may be the case that we want to start or improve our knowledge with one of the most demanded languages. This is the case with JavaScript , which most of you have probably heard about. Well, in this sense we have the possibility of using the software known as Node but it will be very helpful for this.

In the same way, we can opt for the Thonny software that will allow us to write code in Python on our Raspberry Pi. It is worth mentioning that this is an IDE development environment that offers us a multitude of functions for these tasks. But at the same time it can be the case that what we need is to develop applications in Java . If we are determined to use this mini PC for all this, we can always use the BlueJ software . As in the previous case, we find an IDE editor designed especially for beginners in this type of development projects.

But if what we are looking for is something more general as well as entertaining to learn to program on Raspberry Pi , the best solution is Scratch for Raspbian . To say that this is a solution that offers us an interface and working method with which it tries to facilitate the learning of software development.