4 bad decisions you could make with your antivirus

Whether we like it or not, in most cases it is best to have antivirus software installed on our computer. Although sometimes it consumes more PC resources than we would like, over time we will appreciate the level of protection that these programs provide us.

This type of applications in particular for years have raised a lot of controversy in terms of its functionality. Keep in mind that they are programs that in most cases are constantly running in the background. All this to detect and block the possible arrival of malicious codes that may occur in our equipment. How could it be otherwise, this involves a consumption of resources, RAM and CPU , sometimes considerable.

4 bad decisions you could make with your antivirus

But it is also true that they provide us with a security and level of protection that we will surely appreciate over time. This software prevents the arrival of malicious codes, blocks the download of suspicious files , protects our passwords and bank details , and much more. Despite all this, many users still doubt the installation and use of these programs on their computers. Precisely because of all this that we are commenting on below, we will talk about some erroneous decisions that you can make regarding your antivirus.

And it is that many times we are not aware of the importance of certain software solutions that we have installed on the computer. This security program is a clear example of all this, so let’s see what we should never do with it.

What we should not do with our PC antivirus

It is more than likely that we want to keep all our applications and personal data on the computer safe. In addition to other measures that we should take, let’s see some decisions we should avoid with the antivirus.

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  • Uninstall it without installing another : obviously the biggest mistake we can make at first is to uninstall the antivirus. This is something that becomes especially dangerous in the event that we do not intend to install any other on our computer. In this way we will be totally unprotected against attacks that could reach the computer in the form of malware.
  • Not installing updates : almost as serious as the previous case, is having an antivirus installed but not properly updated. This means that we are not properly protected and will not have the latest features, which gets worse as time goes by.
  • Make your database obsolete : In addition to the antivirus itself, the internal database with all existing malicious components must also be updated. In many of the security solutions, both types of updates go separately, so it is best to keep both elements up to date at all times.
  • Turn off active protection : It is true that current antiviruses have many additional functions related to security. However, one of the most important is the active protection they offer us. This means that, as we mentioned before, the program is in standby mode constantly in the background to block possible attacks. This is a function that we can always disable and perform analysis manually. However, most of the time removing active protection can be a serious mistake that we will regret later.