4 apps to download the best wallpapers on your mobile

Although all mobile phones come with a series of wallpapers installed by default, many people prefer to give them a personal touch. Our pets, friends or family are usually the protagonists on the screens of our mobiles and it is one of the first things that we change when we release one. Luckily, there are countless apps where we can find wallpapers of various themes. There is so much to choose from that we are going to show you which apps you can download the best ones on.

Customizing our mobile or computer with a wallpaper that we like is essential. The mobile applications that we will talk about below have a good base of images organized by themes in which you will surely find something to your liking.

4 apps to download the best wallpapers on your mobile


It is one of the most popular apps with which we can personalize and give a unique touch of identity to our smartphone. Compatible with both Android and iOS, in addition to choosing from hundreds of screensavers, alarm or ringtones are also available.

It has endless wallpapers of different themes organized into various categories such as animals, nature, sports, entertainment, etc. To find the perfect wallpaper, you simply have to navigate and press the enabled button to download it directly to your mobile.


With this app you will be able to enjoy a new wallpaper every day. He takes as a source of his images one of the best photography websites: unsplash.com . One of the most attractive features is that it allows you to configure the wallpapers so that they change on their own depending on the time of day or the state in which your mobile is: charging, inactive, connected to a WiFi network, among others. In this case, it is only available for mobile phones with the Android operating system.

App Walpy

Walpy app available on Android


Let’s go now with an exclusive app for those who have iOS. Vellum is one of the best apps that you can install on your iPhone to have a spectacular wallpaper.

It has very focused images to stand out on state-of-the-art screens with shots of nature, landscapes and amazing aerial perspectives. Browsing through its different categories, you will surely find the best wallpaper for your mobile.

App Vellum

Vellum App available for iOS


If you are looking for exclusive wallpapers. Backdrops is the right app. The best thing is that it offers you hundreds of exclusive and original wallpapers that you won’t find anywhere else.

It also allows you to create collections with your favorite backgrounds and share your own creations or photos. It has a paid version with more features in which you won’t have to put up with annoying ads.

App Backdrops

App Backdrops

All the apps we offer are free , although some have a paid version available with more features and without ads. In all cases, the repertoire of available images is very extensive, so it will be more difficult for you to decide which background to put than to find one that you like.