3 PDF compressors to share them comfortably on the internet

In these times we use the data stored on our computer both locally and online. Hence precisely the success of cloud storage services, group work , email, etc. However, the files that we are going to share in this way should be treated in a special way to lighten the task, as happens with PDFs.

In this case we refer to this type of files in particular because they have not stopped growing in recent years in the office automation sector . In fact, at the moment we use them in a multitude of environments and types of use. Both the end user and the company take advantage of the benefits of these office files, hence their widespread use. What’s more, PDF files could be considered to be one of the most widely used and shared file types online.

3 PDF compressors to share them comfortably on the internet

First of all, we must bear in mind that these PDFs are generally composed of multiple elements . While for example in a DOCX we usually find text and some images, the contents of PDFs tend to go further. They may contain the aforementioned photos, videos, hyperlinks, tables, graphics, buttons, etc. There is no doubt that this represents a significant benefit for users. However, when it comes to sharing these items with others over the internet, we can find ourselves with a serious drawback, its weight.

But with everything and with this we must not despair, since we have at hand some interesting solutions like the ones we will show you now. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of compressing these files before they are sent .

Compress your PDFs and save time by sharing them

At first it may seem like a somewhat complicated and annoying task, we mean compressing these files before sending them to the recipient. But nothing is further from the truth, since we find online applications specially designed to facilitate these tasks. What these allow us is, in a few seconds, to automatically reduce the size of our PDFs to upload them to a blog, share them in a workgroup, send them via email, etc.

Thus, both the upload and download of the file as such will be done in a much more fluid and effective way. Write as a clear example of all this the application called PDF Compressor , a website where we only have to upload the file as such. Then, and automatically, the application will return those files already compressed without us having to do anything else.

In the same way, we can also use the I Love PDF solution. Here we find multiple functions, all of them related to working with this file format. How could it be otherwise one of them focuses on understanding these. We only have to upload the corresponding content from our hard drive to the cloud storage services for the process to begin.

love pdf

It is worth mentioning that in this case we have the possibility to select between the 3 available compression levels.

We are going to find another excellent solution for all this that we tell you in SodaPDF . In this case, it is worth noting that we can choose between high or normal compression, and that uploaded files are automatically destroyed in 24 hours.