3 differences between iCloud and Google Drive

There is no doubt that both Apple and Google are two technological giants, well, both offer all users the possibility of contracting their cloud storage services. However, the conditions of both are slightly different, so in this post we are going to tell you 3 differences that you have to know between iCloud, the Apple cloud and Google Drive, the Google cloud.

Differential aspects between both applications

3 differences between iCloud and Google Drive

Surely the two cloud services most used by the vast majority of users are Google Drive and iCloud. Each one of them has a series of characteristics that, in certain points, differ from each other and that, surely, is what makes the difference when users choose to use and contract one of the two. Below we will talk about three of them, which are surely the most different and the ones that can most make the decision of the vast majority of users.

  • The first thing we want to tell you about iCloud and Google Drive is the storage space they provide for free . In this case, it is the Cupertino company that falls short compared to Google, since it offers only 5 GB of storage for the 15 GB . Without a doubt, this may be a first and strong reason why many users who do not really have a formed Apple ecosystem, choose to use Google Drive instead of iCloud.

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  • One of the most recurrent uses of both services is the fact that users consume that storage space with their photos and videos . Well, in this aspect there is a big difference between the two services, since with iCloud you will not have to do practically anything, beyond activating in the settings of your device that you want the photos and videos you take to be saved in iCloud. However, the same is not the case with Google, since for this you will have to download a separate application, the well-known Google Photos , where you can obviously use the space contracted with Google Drive to store your images. Focusing a little more on Apple users, that is, those who have an iPhone, it is much more comfortable for them as it is managed by the Cupertino company itself, since you will simply have to enter the reel of your iPhone to see them, at the same time time they are synced in iCloud.

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  • We come from a point where Apple surpasses Google, but now the tables are turned, since naturally we have to talk about the compatibility of both services with all devices . Obviously, the Apple cloud offers a really good service for all those users who enjoy an Apple ecosystem on a daily basis, that is, who always work with products from the Cupertino company. However, for those users who also want to use an Android device, compatibility becomes extremely complicated, since the only way they will have to access this service will be through the website, which also does not always work well. On the contrary, Google Drive has complete compatibility with all devices and their operating systems, being much more open to users.