These 3 bad habits will kill the battery of your electric car

The electrification of transport is an essential step to reduce CO2 emissions and stop a climate crisis caused by the burning of fossil fuels. But obviously, a change of this magnitude raises many questions. One of them is whether we should change certain customs when using an electric car. And the reality is yes.

Adaptation to the electric car is essential

3 bad habits will kill the battery of your electric car

And it is that driving an electric car goes much further than driving through areas that were previously forbidden to us or, where appropriate, recharging the battery from time to time and being aware of how much autonomy we have left to move from one site to another.

Thus, electric cars have characteristics that differ greatly from what can be found in other types of vehicles. And this causes drivers, almost without realizing it, to change their driving habits and even their way of understanding mobility.

As such, these types of vehicles have carved a niche for themselves on Spanish roads due to their comfort and the commitment of many drivers to reducing CO2 emissions, but at the same time we need to adopt the habits we previously had with our diesel and gasoline. to adapt to the electrified .

What we don’t have to do

In this way, whether we already have more experience or are newcomers to this electric modality, it is true that there are many drivers who do not realize it, but carry out daily actions , settled over the years and reinforced by that often mistaken popular automobile culture , which can be harmful to the vehicle itself.

It is just so that having the vehicle neglected, or not paying attention to how certain components work, may seem like an insignificant matter, but it is not at all. And more if it is about what can be the battery of the electric car itself.

coche eléctrico batería riesgo

Stop parking the car in the sun

With the advent of electric cars, the filter between acceptable and impossible places will increase when parking the vehicle, but this is something that we will have to change if we do not want the car battery to be damaged.

If with a combustion car the worst that can happen when parking in a small space where the sun shines for all the hours that we are going to leave it there is to burn our hands when we put them on the wheel; with an electric one we can cause a real disaster: running out of battery without the possibility of recharging .

Forget the lights on with the engine stopped

It is true that this dangerous habit also kills the battery of a combustion car, and in fact it is more than recommended that we do not do it with a diesel or gasoline. And in the case of the electric car, too,

This is because the thing can be even more serious, since we can completely destroy its useful life and have to pay for a replacement (which, we anticipate, is not cheap at all).

Do not use the heating, radio or air conditioning with the car turned off

For many drivers, it is essential, before starting to maneuver to unpark the car and start the trip, to turn on the radio or various entertainment systems.

This occurs as a common, and almost involuntary, gesture that can seriously damage the battery of our electric car, because when we turn it on with the engine off we force it to spend extra energy. And it is that both the radio, the air conditioning or the plugged-in devices consume a large part of the battery when the car is off.