3 Amazfit watches for less than 100 euros that you must try

Today, within the smartwatch market , we find all types of models. And that’s good, since we have a wide catalog of options from which to choose when we decide to change our smart watch. Although, best of all, is that currently we can find great alternatives that do not exceed the barrier of 100 euros.

However, we will not only have to look at the price when we are going to choose between one model or another, since the most important thing that it adapts perfectly to the needs and expectations that we are looking for. Therefore, we present you 3 Amazfit watches that will always be a good choice.

3 Amazfit watches for less than 100 euros

Choose your favorite Amazfit

It is not always so easy to choose between one model or another, since the characteristics of each one will never make it easy for us. However, when the time comes, we should end up choosing the smartwatch that we like the most, both for its performance and for its exquisite design.

A lightweight GTS 2 mini

The first of this small list to which we must pay close attention, since we can buy it for less than 90 euros , is the Amazfit GTS 2 mini , and although its own name indicates it will be somewhat smaller than usual, we will have an AMOLED screen 1.55 inch. In addition, this is a watch with a fairly light and thin design that will be able to last up to two weeks on a single charge.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

It is also necessary to highlight the different functionalities that we will find in this smartwatch such as the measurement of oxygen in the blood or its more than 70 sports modes.

The veteran GTS

One of those smart watches that do not go out of style for everything they offer is the Amazfit GTS, which we can now find for just over 84 euros. This model will be ideal for those who love the aesthetics of Apple Watch. Among its features, we will enjoy integrated GPS and its multitude of profiles for sports, up to 12 conventional sports modes. Of course, it is somewhat short if we compare it with the other options.

Amazfit GTS

In addition, depending on the use we make, we could get it to last up to a month and a half with a single charge with the basic mode. And we will enjoy all this with a 1.65-inch AMOLED screen .

The GTR 2e has it all

Amazfit GTR 2e

The last option today that will not exceed 100 euros is the Amazfit GTR 2e, since we can find it for 99 euros . This smart watch has a 1.39-inch AMOLED panel and has a long-lasting battery that can give us up to 24 days of activity with moderate use. And as in the first case, this smartwatch also has an important variety of sports options, although this model has more than 90 different modes, in addition to having an accurate deep sleep monitoring and a blood oxygen level measurement function.